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General Discussion » League Update » 6/15/2014 11:02 am

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Apologies to everyone in advance.  I wanted to give myself a week to get the league transferred back over to the NFL site, and was planning on using this weekend (Well today really!) to move everything as I knew I would be busy until this point.

Having gone to the NFL site to start importing the teams it transpires that the league wont open for offline draft results until the 26th June.

As far as I am concerned there is no rush or need for us to be over there or open up waivers until we are on the NFL site.  Every team has its full quota of players (if not a full starting line up).

Given that we now have this extra time, I will load the fixtures up over the upcoming 10 days.  Once the site is open to upload the rosters I will do this and then waivers will open a couple of days after.  Looking at dates, I would imagine the best time would be the 1st July.  Most likely the rosters will be updated on the weekend of 28-29th June.

Please check your teams on/around this time to make sure everything is correct and I will post the announcement for when the waivers officially open.  

For those who like to be prepared (looking at you Weaver ) the official time will be 9pm GMT / 1pm PST on July 1st 2014

General Discussion » 2014 Participation » 3/17/2014 2:04 pm

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After seeing a couple of people leave some of my other leagues, I wanted to do a quick roll call now to make sure everyone is still in and committed before we prepare for the new draft. This way if we do lose anyone, we have sufficient time to replace them should it be required.

Please just reply with acknowledgement that you have seen this post and are continuing with this league. If anyone has any access problems now's the time to check and let me know.


Preliminary Rules Discussion » Rule Changes 2014 Season » 1/15/2014 2:55 pm

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3- Make a rule that every week each owner MUST start an ACTIVE player:

1 x QB
1 x RB
1 x WR 
1 x FLEX
1 x K
Complete Defense. 

This season marked a low on owner activity and trading. Many owners played without active players on their lineup. A case can be stated that still by not playing active players the team still won, well that is not what Fantasy Football is about. It is to manage your roster as best as possible, either by picking up on waivers, trading or finding hidden value on a player. I will agree with owners that say that their team was plagued with injuries and didn't want to drop a player for their dynasty value. That is why I give the following change:

4- Add rhe following roster options:

a) IR spot goes from 1 to 2. This spot can only be use for non-designated players for return. 
b) Add 1 spot for IR designated to return/PUP. Like NFL rules this can only be used for 1 player per year.
c) Add 1 Practice Squad spot. This spot will be handled the following way:

After the draft is over and team rosters are set, an owner can choose one player to stay in this spot for the whole year, this player can not play until the following season. It is sort of a development spot but locks the player from playing throughout the season. 

Im in partial agreement with this to the point that everyone should try to start a full team..... HOWEVER, I cant see any reason to make it a rule that everyone must start a player in every position.  As long as a manager is active and putting forward a competitive team, I dont see why he should be forced to drop an injured player from his squad to pick up a DL who may get 1.5 points and force him to lose someone he would rather keep.  Managers should be free to manage exactly how they want and this is something I feel strongly about.  If someone chooses not to play a kicker thats the risk they take.  Like wise with a defensive player. I cant see the reasoning to leave yourself short at RB/WR/Flex bu

Preliminary Rules Discussion » Rule Changes 2014 Season » 1/15/2014 2:43 pm

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1- Eliminate fumble recovery points for offensive players. I just find it mediocre that offensive players are being awarded with positive points by recovering their own fumbles or another teammate's. NFL does not permit to make the distinction that only defensive players get the points that is why I offer myself to make the adjustments weekly to each game if this situation presents. - Im not happy with amending a scoring play that requires one person to need to manualy amend individual scores.  Its not a trust thing as I have faith that no one would try and amend things to the detriment of another manager, but things like this open up the possibilities of manual error.  As far as Im concerned once the game has finished on a Monday night, thats the end.  I dont like scoring amendments after the fact by NFL, so Im not in favour of amending scores ourselves.  In addition, if you fumble you lose points, if you recover it, you dont lose points.  Players are penalised if they drop and dont recover it.  Im happy with Dredds solution if others are in favour and we get a majority decision.

2- Change QB scoring:

- Remove negative points for sacks and incompletions.
- Remove positive points for completions.
- Increase TD positive points to +6.
- Increase INT negative points to -4.

If we remove the negative points and positive points, I cant see how this will bring the lesser QBS closer to the better QBs?  You are taking away from both sides. You would need to remove the negative points to try and level it out more.  However I cant see why we would look to change this after two years of it working ok.  Again I will be happy to change if we have a majority vote.

Finalized Rules » Transfer to Flea Flicker » 1/15/2014 2:22 pm

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OK, the rosters have been moved over to Fleaflicker, however it doesnt look like I can move the draft picks until Feb 11th.....

If people want the option to make trades we need to decide whether we allow player only trades, or all trades with the condition that the picks are moved after Feb 11th but noted on the main board.

I will also note that theres an issue with Neals team as his IR player is not designated IR by Fleaflicker, so he is over the roster limit, but I can amend this later, and I have messaged him privately to discuss.

RZPN » Interview, after the 2013 season. » 1/11/2014 7:40 am

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1-  You got 6th place this year, are you happy with that, or not still talking with your team? I dont think anyone can ever be happy about coming 6th, but then I guess its better then coming 7th!  We were disappointed to lose our title in the first round of the play offs, but it was always gonna be difficult when you dont have the option to pick your opponent.  

2- What was a big move , you think was season changer for your team? I suppose the big trade was the one that saw Julius Thomas join the Jokers.  It was a shame that we had to lose Alshon Jeffery as I had high hopes for him, however I had a great feeling about Julius this year and he didnt let me down.

3- What do you think is in store for the Harrow Jokers next year? Id like to have another run at getting my title back, but who wouldnt, however its gonna be hard in a Division where Champions live!  Guess it says something about the strength we have here.

3rd- How do you feel bout your team this year (the 2013 season) compared to the 2012 season? Look at my first answer!  No one is happy about losing a Championship, but hopefully it makes us stronger next year.  I think last year the dice rolled for us at times, and this year we didnt get those breaks, but a team has to be good and get lucky occiaisonally rather then be lucky and get good occaisionally!

4th -Do you feel like you you improved your team through the draft more or the free agency?  Definately through trading and free agency.  My draft last year ended abuptly once I made my big trade with the Keets, so I only really drafted two players, although Eifert is still on my roster so he wasnt that bad!

5th-What do you think your team can improve on next year?  Well that would give away my draft strategy, so lets pass on that!  Having two picks in the first round will help though.

6th- What do you think is your strongest position on your team?  I think theres room for improvement through

Official Draft Order » draft order 2014 » 12/30/2013 11:24 am

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Looks correct to me, although with all the trades it will take a while to have an actual correct order up and in place

Finalized Rules » Trade Deadline » 11/07/2013 6:54 am

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I know this discussion was started and we didn't really get to a definitive decision.  Last years trade deadline was the night before Our playoffs started, and I would suggest that this be the same again, and we can look at having a discussion regarding whether there is a need for one at all in the summer/off season.  My view is that as we did not change this rule in the last off season, we should continue with the same settings/rules as last year.  Our play offs begin Week 15, so I would suggest that the trade deadline should be the day before Week 15 officially starts, which would be December 11th.  This now gives everyone just over one months notice, and as of the 11th I will lock the trade facility until after the play offs.  You can negotiate trades until this point, but no trades can be actioned until after this.  I would ask that you give a week or so after our league has finished to move everything back to Flea Flicker for the off season.

If anyone has any issues regarding this, please let me know.  Please also let me know if you think there are any other rule changes or alterations you think we should discuss for the off season.

Official Draft Order » Correcting an error » 9/18/2013 6:19 pm

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Guys, Michael Barker has made a genuine error, and an incorrect player was dropped rather then the one he meant to drop. He's alerted us to the fact as soon as it happened, and I can rectify it to ensure he doesnt lose out, however it means adjusting the waiver order to make sure he gets his player back. Whiilst this is a competitive league, Id like to think that we are the kind of people who wouldnt jump all over someone elses mistake. Does anyone have any issues if I put him to the top of the waiver in order to correct the error. Please let me know with a simple yes or no, as soon as possible so that I can amend this. In the event not everyone replies, I will act on the majority basis.

Official Draft Order » Team Asset Tracker (Main Trade Board) » 8/25/2013 1:25 pm

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Harrow Jokers Trades

Knile Davis
Alshon Jeffery
Kyle Rudolph
2014 2F

Luck of the Irish Trades

Kenjon Barner
Greg Jennings
Julius Thomes
2014 1H

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