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4/13/2012 3:18 pm  #1

*RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

Okay, folks, The Reporter has acquired the latest, most striking answers from many of the coaches around the league. Grudges and rivalries are already forming, and many are not the least bit worried about making these grudges public. Therefore, I present to you the first question:Do you believe the power Rankings by Anthony are accurate? Do you think what he wrote becomes an advantage or disadvantage for you and your team?

Of course, there's to be a little bit of disagreement with Public Enemy's release of the RZP Power Rankings. Ben, the first to do so, said, "No, I have to agree it seems more of a popularity rating then actual 'power ratings'. I understand its hard to make rankings at this time, but if you are going to do it, you cant base it on a competition that 30% of the competitors werent involved in last year. However I am more than happy to talk me down as much as he likes. I've already made him look silly once before, and Im more then happy to do it again at the end of the season!" Ouch. Conclusion: Cool Britannia vs Public Enemy (who does happen to be living up to his name so far) will be a headline rivalry next season

John believes that the power rankings will give him a disadvantage. "Not really they are very preliminary. Based a lot on last year. I slight disadvantage actually. I prefer to fly under the radar." They don't call him the Bandit for no reason; he likes to do business with a mask on and when everyone else is looking the other way. Conclusion: Even when no one is talking about the Ghosts, they are conquering some unknown obstacle and are one step closer to victory.

Are the power rankings accurate? No way. Not when you're ranked last in the shaky predictions. Shane told me, "I don't think it's accurate and it's given me an advantage to prove him wrong." Conclusion: North Wilkesboro is ready for an uprising. A new team, with a transformed leader who is going to prove that they are contenders.

Bold. Straight forward. That's what came to my head when Chris made his statement about Anthony's premature rankings. "Being a new team to the League theres nothing I can say as to how accurate this Ranking may or may not be. Last year there were teams that kicked ass, teams making great acquisitions during the season and plenty of teams that crapped out. After the new incarnation of the League and the new rosters and being pre-draft, its very hard to have accurate rankings. Advantage / disadvantage... we just want to get out on the field, but if your a gambler put your money on Dark Matter." Conclusion: Anthony chose the wrong time to post rankings, and now Chris is not only going to prove him wrong, but try to turn the tide and get the crowd 'betting' on his team. No hard feelings. #14 is going to kick #3's butt - bottom line.

Barker took the technical approach. "I think Anthony's power rankings are accurate to what we know about the teams right NOW. That being said, right NOW all we have is a draft order. It would be foolish to not expect surprises; we aim to be one of those surprises..."Conclusion: Wait 'till after the draft before any predictions. Sadly, the media demands predictions.

Gert-Jan agrees, but adds that he needs to work well and hard to give Anthony something to boost the Penguins up the rankings. "The power rankings of Anthony are as accurately as possible at this stage of the season. As a newcomer, it s up to me to prove that I deserve a higher spot in his power rankings." Conclusion: Actions speak louder than words. At this stage, rankings don't mean jack. The Penguins will show, not

Mike says it has no effect on his team. "No, there are a few rankings I don't like but it's all a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs. I don't think it effects my team at all, like he said I am last year's league champion and really don't care too much what others think of my team."
Conclusion: Don't know; don't care.

Entertainment. That's what the media is, according to Killroy. "Purely 4 entertainment purposes" Whether it's for entertainment or not, does it affect his team? Does it give him an advantage or disadvantage? "Neither, depends how much veracity you put into it."Uh oh. Make that two rivalries/grudges involving Public Enemy.

"His "power rankings" are a joke. They will not affect my team in any way whatsoever," coldly replies Rich. Let's remember that Anthony already called the Lorikeets, 'Dodo birds'. Name calling is the first step in a traditional rivalry. But this is different. I get the feeling that both teams hate each other like the Colts and Patriots, Ravens and Steelers do. Conclusion: Get ready for some tough trash talk. Both teams will take big hits and bruises from this. But, who will come out on top?

Jessie said confidently, "I think the basic outline of Anthony's rankings is how almost everyone feels about each team's 'power'; but, a lot will change when each team picks their players in the draft. I think we should anticipate for that. It's an advantage for The Prestige. I want my opponents a little edgy. Winning is so much nicer, then." Conclusion: The Prestige isn't afraid to confidently speak of their future. Winning is top priority.

Dredd chooses all of the above with his answer. "Yes, no, maybe - at this point it's pure conjecture with some rankings based on past performance of owners who won't necessarily have the same personnel and guesswork on the new owners who have no track record among this group. I see no effect either positive or negative at this time beyond that." Conclusion: Even if you've got a clean record, the Warriors will take you seriously.

Yes, it's accurate. At least Amber thinks it is. "hm, thats a hard one. Of course everyone wants to ranked higher,but i'd say it pretty accurate."Conclusion: Results will be similar to last year, but coaches will be fighting to be ranked higher.

Hesitantly, Jeff said that he doesn't know if it's quite an advantage to be ranked higher. "I believe hes ranking me higher than most but not sureif thats an advantage."

KC could care less. He told me , "to be completely honest I didn't even see his rankings Ive been pretty busy this week, and I dont care what anyone thinks or says about me or my team has any affect on how my team will preform; I have a plan and I'm sticking to it!! Conclusion: Go take a break, Anthony. Do something productive that won't get cow pie in your face.Rankings don't matter right now.

KC, being our special guest, set aside some time to answer extra questions. Including the Reporter asking who his biggest rival would be.
"I wouldn't necessarily call it a rivalry but I belive my toughest compitition in my div will be Rich." Rich, you reading this? KC puts you on the top of his 'target' list.

I asked him who didn't live up to their expectations fully the most, and he replied, saying that it's too early to say that. "That is a hard question. There really hasn't been anything other than trading to base it on and none of that means anything till the draft has been completed." Smart answer. Don't make enemies at this stage.

That's a wrap for this set up answers!

Thanks for reading this.
- The Reporter

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Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

Don't we always want to know what the other teams are looking into concerning ours? That thought brought up the question, "How well, and to how much depth, if at all, have you studied the other teams' strategies?" Strangely, no one declined to answer the question. A little exposure of your scouting plan can't hurt, now can it?

Chris believes some teams' strategies and moves could make them 'legends' in their city. "I've looked at their plans and see alot of awesome things set up that could make thier managers dynasty legends." Conclusion: Some coaches, it seems, have destroyed the draft board so far.

"Playoffs? You kiddin' me? Playoffs?!" In this case, it's, "Strategies? You kiddin' me? Strategies?" Killroy told me, plainly, "Strategies? I only know mine! ... " Conclusion: Never end a one word answer with a question mark.

Dredd isn't worrying about other teams' draft strategies yet. "I haven't worried yet what other teams strategies may be as there is still much to be finalized in how the league will work and any analysis now could be invalidated by the next draft trade or a rule change." Conclusion: Only worry about your own strategy until the offseason - regular season gap closes a bit.

"Hard to study strategies of people you dont know!!! I have been looking at their trades though and a couple of people have really impressed me with what they have done. I understand others have their own plans but looking at them from my perspective, I really think they need the draft to go their way for the plan to bear fruits!" Ben told me. Conclusion: Get to know the coaches themselves, and you can find out their
strategies much easier.

Jeff has been studying other teams, but mostly division rivals. "I have mostly on studied division rivals but have noticed a few similarities between a few teams." Conclusion: It seems as though some teams have been giving off some of their strategies, and by simply looking at the draft board, you might find some "similarities."

Rich apparently has been in his den studying the draft board and the actions of each coach to his ultimate answer of, "A lot."
Yeah, you better have heard that, because I'm not sure if I'll get him to say it again. Conclusion: Lorikeets. The perfect scouts. You folks better watch the sky for anyone(or anything) dropping in on your draft plan conversations.

Amber said, "I've studied some,but I mostly study on my team,and make it the best it can be." Conclusion: Research your own team first. Then, if you have spare time, research the others. How can you use other teams' strategies to your advantage if you don't know your own?

An important point can be made about it being too early to study draft plans, even if the trading has slowed down. "I haven t studied all the teams in detail yet. It s too soon in my opinion. A lot can happen in four months," Gert-Jan replied. Conclusion: Is it too early to study strategies? Arguably, no. The trading of about 4 trades per day has slowed down to the last trade happening more than a week ago. What are our traders doing with their time? Probably studying you, or waiting.

Has Public Enemy looked into other teams' strategies? Not really, says Anthony, " I haven't really thought too much about other people's strategies except for a few people. " Conclusion: Again, if you study now, you will have the upper hands, because a lot of the, "top teams" haven't even started.

Other teams strategies are the least of the Regulars worries. Barker agreed with Amber, mostly, telling me, "We only worry about our own strategies. If they aren't competitive with the rest of the league, that's when we will change them." Conclusion: Keeping your strategies "competitive" with the rest of the league is a good idea.

Jessie, unlike the previous coaches, stated that she was studying other teams' strategies in a way to figure out her own strategy. "Oh, I've studied other teams' draft boards. I try to figure out who they'll pick in my spare time to help myself figure out who I'll pick." Conclusion: Well, here's another way to look at your draft board. Figure out who the people in front of you will pick to figure out who you yourself will pick.

"I haven't really studied others' draft strategies, at all really," says Shane. Conclusion: Another coach spending their time and resources on their draft strategies instead of the others'.

John has a very good point in his answer. "Not too much . It's still early. I have a pretty good handle on what Mike is trying to do. After all he is my son, and the league Champion. I've noticed a lot of people changing their minds a lot. Up down up down sideways up down. It doesn't matter much until we put names to numbers " Conclusion: Up, down, up down; sideways, up, down. It is hard to determine other teams' strategies if they won't stand still!

KC said that, "I really haven't put too much thought or effort into paying attention to other teams at this point! I will see how they draft and then I will study who is going to be the toughest challenge!" Conclusion: Don't pay attention to the lil' guys, only who is the "toughest challenge."

The next set will be up tomorrow.

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Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

I think the Reporter did a nice job with both questions.

Lorikeets 2013 8-6 1st Place Division 4
Lorikeets 2012 6-8 3rd Place Division 4
Does it matter which lemming is the leader?

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Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

Not getting someone was giving .    I already told you if any real information came out you would have been told right away about who was trying to blind side you . If i told you your dad was offering info without actually doing it you would not have believed me and called me a Liar. So I got ripped off for trying to let you know what was happening. That's where I was stupid for even caring.


4/13/2012 7:54 pm  #5

Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

Public Enemy wrote:

Nice article Jessie, I had quite a laugh on a few of them. I seem to have made a mistake on putting up these power-rankings so early. Instead of 1-2 rivals now I got 5-6!

I dont think its just down to the power rankings........!!!  Lol!!


4/13/2012 8:00 pm  #6

Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

Public Enemy wrote:

oh yeah, by the way, I forgot to mention that you are not considered a rival to me. I will stomp on you like an ant come our game.

Keep talking trash all you like..... Made you look silly once before....I'll make you look silly again!


4/13/2012 8:08 pm  #7

Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

All I have to do is finsih 11th to beat your predictions........... If you dont finish third your season has been a failure,

I know where my money will be.....!! 

Good luck with winding everyone else up, personally if I was you Id spend more time praying that the draft goes your way!


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Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

Especially at this time of the season, where the trade waters have stilled to the point of hearing a single songbird, singing its tune. To the point of dodo birds spreading their droppings to much more interesting targets' ballgame caps. The very essence makes our admin say, "we goin looney." Okay, chaps, we're goin' looney, perhaps, but we could finally be getting the sense knocked into our heads. We could finally be learning that, at some point, we must stop trading, and that we have either gotten close enough to the goal we had set for our draft plan, or that we've done enough damage already.
Anyways, back to the topic on hand. Have we finally stopped trading; are we set with our boards? "How set are you with your draft board?" is the question.

Anthony told me, "I'm very set, I'm still open to a little bit more trading but I like what I have. " Conclusion: Public Enemy is set.

Rich says he's no fortune teller, and he won't rule out trading yet. "I do not know what opportunities may arise in the future." Conclusion: Don't rule out Rich in trading, as long as you make him a good offer.

Ben says, "Theres plenty of time, and always room for improvement. The only way you'll see me stop trying to trade is if I manage to pick up picks 1 thru 22 for myself!!!" Conclusion: Do not count Ben out when it comes to trading partners. He will keep trading until the moon crashes into earth. Heck, he would probably launch himself to the moon if it was required to keep trading.

Technical answer, as always, coming from Dredd. He tells me, "My draft board is preliminarily set but will remain very fluid until numerous factors occur, the finalizing of the scoring rules for this league, the actual NFL draft and other factors will affect the final configuration." Conclusion: Don't get too excited that Dredd will accept your offer, when you send one to him, as he may not accept depending on all of these variables.

"I'm pretty happy with my team, I love having 3 first round drafts,but I would really like to get a 2nd," replied Amber. Conclusion: Here's a little advertisement for the Wildcard. If anyone would like to trade their 2nd round pick, go check out the WildCard's GM.

Everything's for sale! Everything! Well, at least that's what Barker tells me. "Nothing is ever set because everything is always for sale. " Conclusion: Go buy the best goods at The Regulars' shop, 'cause they're open for business 24/7.

John says, "[I'm]Very flexible still. Until we see the NFL draft , OTAs , Training camp etc. It's still all wild speculation. " Huh, what? Still a wild speculation if you can stretch, run, maybe tackle? Tell us how quickly you run the 40 yard dash, when you're done, John. Conclusion: He'll probably wait to make decisions, but he's open to offers.

"My board is ready to go today but I'm still tryin to make a few changes," said Jeff. Judging by the way he said the league was "goin' looney" from not trading, I'd guess that he's wanting to make some trades. Conclusion: Send Jeff an offer. He's pretty bored right now.

Killroy simply said, "Totally Set," I guess he won't be making any trades unless they're really good offers. Conclusion: Send a good offer, or take a hike.

Gert-Jan replied, "It's not set in stone but at the moment I'm waiting for the NFL draft." Conclusion: The draft...it messes up everything, doesn't it?

"My Draft Board is in flux and isn't set in stone, and may never be because you never know what will happen in the draft," Shane doesn't believe that his board will ever be completely set. Conclusion: Perhaps he simply can't decide who will pick up in the draft.

Jessie says, "Every one of my picks, besides my #4, is prepared to move at any moment, based on who the other teams picks. My board is flexible enough to change, because of one pick or trade, while I have it all prepared for if everything does go right." Conclusion: The Prestige is open for trades, but it won't affect the team if they don't make any trades.

"I am fairly close on my board! Only a few small fine tuning trades to do and I'm set!" KC told RZPN. Conclusion: The league is just that much closer to finishing up its trading period.

That's it for this question! Stay tuned for the next one!

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Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

I  think we get a couple spurts of trading.  Ppl r just waitin for the draft to get a few ideas in their heads.

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4/15/2012 7:54 pm  #10

Re: *RZPN* The Reporter's Exclusive Interview Answers!

I can decide who I want, just fine. Thank you very much. I have a list of players I'm looking at intently.

"Many people ask me why I always sign off ''til we meet again'; because goodbye is always so final." ~ Marty Reid

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up." ~ Jim Valvano

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