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10/02/2012 4:02 pm  #1

RZPN's Roundup of Week 4

Welcome to the first edition of RZPN's roundup of the week!

We will summarize and discuss all the games in the RedZone Perfection league from week 4 in this edition. Without further ado, here are the eight games of the week!

Luck of  the Irish (1-2) 142.75 vs 121.40 Loganholme Lorikeets (2-1)

After their convincing first win of the year last week, Luck of the Irish coach Carlos wanted to continue that winning trend this week against the struggling young Loganholme Lorikeets of coach Richard who were unable to put up more than 150 points in 3 consecutive games.

Disaster struck the Loganholme Lorikeets as their QB J. Locker was hurt early in the game and would exit the game with a meager -3 points. Luckily for the birds, Luck of the Irish QB T. Romo would also struggle throwing 5 interceptions! After an early lead of the Luck of the Irish due to WR A. Johnson, the Loganholme Lorikeets bravely fought back with their triple offensive threat of rookie RB A. Morris, rookie WR A. Jeffrey and veteran TE O. Daniels combined with a good game of the reliable J. Watt. This caused that Loganholme Lorikeets took the lead mid-game and seemed to be on their way to lock away a win. However, Luck of the Irish WR V. Jackson, like in week 2, had a monster game and together with K G. Hartley and TE B. Celek Luck of the Irish went up and over the Loganholme Lorikeets.

Even though Luck of the Irish scored roughly 50 point less than last week, they were able to win once again and balance their record to a 2-2. Because Division 1 hosts both the number 1 (The Q Force) and number 2 team (Harrow Jokers) of the league Luck of the Irish are in for quite a challenge.  The young Loganholme Lorikeets keeps struggling and see their record go to 2-2. As every team in Division 4 has a 2-2 record, Loganholme Lorkeets remain on track to win their division. However, in order to do that they will have to break that 150 points barriar sooner than later.           


Harrow Jokers (3-0) 170.40 vs 184.76 Down Force (1-2)

Harrow Jokers enter week 4 with a 3-0 record and sought a fourth consecutive win against Down Force who although sustained 2 though losses at the start of the season, finally won their first game of the season last week. It should be noted that even though Down Force enter week 4 with a 1-2 record, they were able to put up 170+ points in three consecutive games!

The though defense of Harrow Jokers were looking to make a statement this week as they collectively racked up 77.57 points good for 45% of Harrow Jokers total points. Due to this stellar defense, Harrow Jokers was able to close in on an early lead of Down Force and eventually took the lead. Down Force QB M. Ryan was held for less than 20 points for the first time this season whereas R. Fitzpatrick had a good game for the third consecutive week. Late-game Harrow Jokers couldn’t contain Down Force’s impressive offense in which every player scored more than 10 points and was lead by D. Bowe with 23.80!

As Harrow Jokers faces their first defeat of the season, Down Force continued putting up more than 170 points for the fourth consecutive game. With this win, Down Force joins their fellow Division 4 teams with a record of 2-2 whereas Harrow Jokers has lost a step against its division rival The Q Force.


Show me your TD’s (0-3) 189.54 vs 194.56 The Regulars (1-2)

With a disappointing record of 0-3, Show me your TD’s seek their first win against a hungry The Regulars who despite winning their opening game of the season are entering week 4 with a 2 game losing streak.

It was clear that coach Barker had challenged his offense all week long as The Regulars took an early lead because of great performances of RB W. McGahee, RB S. Ridley and QB A. Dalton. Show me your TD’s QB S. Bradford had a dreadful game, racking up only 2.64 points. However, Show me your TD’s fought their way back into the game with their other offensive players. Especially WR B. Hartline looked unstoppable, racking up a total of 44.30 points. Show me your TD’s K B. Cundiff however had some difficulties finding the uprights as he missed 3 field goals. Because of WR D. Jackson, Show me your TD’s jumped up and over The Regulars and had a somewhat reliable lead of roughly 20 points. However with 26.80 points of WR B. Marshal, The Regulars jumped over Show me your TD’s late-game and secured the win.

Despite three bad games of Show me your TD’s, they finally clicked this week and scored 189.54. However, they met The Regulars on a very good week as they racked up 194.56 points! With this win, The Regulars balance their record to a 2-2 as the rest of Division 4 whereas Show me your TD’s continue their losing streak.


The Q Force (3-0) 174.26 vs 172.55 Sun City (2-1)

A lot of smack was talked leading up to this game in which an unbeaten The Q Force faced Sun City with their ever confident coach Jeffrey.

An interesting duel between RBs was fought out between these two teams as the Q Force could count on R. Rice and T. Richardson whereas Sun City put M. Lynch and R. Matthews on the field. This game in a game was won by the Q Force with a differential of roughly 2 points. Despite putting up monster numbers last week The Q Force WR C. Johnson couldn’t get passed 10.40 points. Luckily for the Q Force, they could count on WR T. Smith and TE G. Olsen for two superb performances. However, the Sun City WR trio (W. Welker, L. Fitzgerald and B. Lloyd) were very efficient this week and they helped Sun City taking the lead mid-game. Sun City refused to gave up this lead until the last minutes of this matchup when Q Force K R. Gould scored a field goal which closed the roughly 1 point gap and gave Q Force the lead and the victory.

Despite putting up more than reasonable points, Sun City was without their QB B. Roethlisberger this week. His substitute C. Palmer struggled this week after three consecutive weeks of +20 points. With this loss Sun City falls to a 2-2 record and therefore joins their Division rivals. After a tight game, The Q Force continue their winning streak and have the lead in Division 1. 


Galloping Ghosts (0-3) 141.76 vs 158.46 The Prestige (2-1)
The Prestige are looking for revenge after facing an unstoppable The Q Force last week. The Galloping Ghost on the other hand are desperate for their first win of the season after a disappointing three weeks.

Despite having had three though games, Galloping Ghosts QB A. Rodgers finally had a great game in which he racked up 41.56 points. Due to the effort of their QB A. Rodgers and WR. Nelson, Galloping Ghosts could close an early lead of The Prestige made possible by their though defense. It didn’t stop there as the duo helped building a lead of roughly 50 points around mid-game for the Galloping Ghosts. Galloping Ghosts was helped by The Prestige K D. Akers as he uncharacteristically missed two field goals. However, The Prestige made an incredible comeback from their 50 points deficit. In the main role of this comeback were not surprisingly their QB E. Manning, two RBs C. Benson and D. Murray and finally WR V. Cruz. Ultimately won this game with a reassuring margin of roughly 17 points.

Galloping Ghosts continue their losing streak and stay at the bottom of Division 2 together with Dark Matter as both have a disappointing 0-4 record. Meanwhile The Prestige bring their record to 3-1 despite putting up roughly 30 points less than last week. The Prestige join the other two teams with a 3-1 record (Shadow Warriors and Ice Penguins) and stay in the race for winning Division 3.


Dark Matter (0-3) 167.80 vs 170.64 Shadow Warriors (2-1)
After the first loss of the Shadow Warriors last week due to a collective off-day, coach Dredd and his team face Dark Matter who are still looking for their first win. This game would be close from start to finish.

After three mediocre games, T. Brady finally had a big game and was the highest scoring player in this game with37 points. Shadow Warrior’s QB C. Ponder was a disappointment after having a huge game last week. Due to T. Brady and a good A. Boldin, Dark Matter had an early lead. Even though Shadow Warriors RB D. Martin continued his negative trend and scored only  6.20 points, his teammate R. Gronkowski swiftly closed the early lead with a 41 yard reception TD. What followed was a very close game in which both teams had and lost the lead multiple times. However, a superb performance of Shadow Warrior’s DB P. Peterson and RB D. Sproles at end of the game secured the victory. Dark Matter’s kicker S. Gostkowski could have ensured a Dark Matter’s victory but he missed 2 field goals which were however both from more than 40 yards. 

Even though three key players of Shadow Warriors (C. Ponder, D. Martin and J. Pierre-Paul) had an off-day, the other Shadow Warriors players picked up their slack. This resulted in 6 Shadow Warriors players scoring more than 15 fantasy points whereas Dark Matter only had 2 players scoring more than 15 fantasy points. With this win, Shadow Warriors will remain at the top of Division 2 in which three teams had a 2-1 record entering this week. Dark Matter, however, remains winless and suffer their fourth loss. It should be noted that this is the second time they lose a game with less than 3 points difference and the third time they lost with less than 10 points difference.       


Autobots Rise (2-1) 107.82 vs 202.62 The Wildcard (0-3)
The Wildcard team sought their first victory of the year against the Autobots Rise who had some turbulent weeks with a change of ownership and their first loss of the year last week against Loganholme Lorikeets.

From start to finish of this game, it was clear that the Autobots Rise had a complete off-day as their two main offensive player J. Jones and D. McFadden both scored less than 5 points. In fact no RB or WR of the Autobots Rise scored more than 5 points! Luckily their rookie QB R. Griffen III had a fairly good game and rookie K G. Zuerlein had a phenomenal game. These were also the two solely players of Autobots Rise who scored more than 10 points! With The Wildcard (finally) everything clicked and they got over the 200 points mark! P. Manning looked very sharp, M. Turner looked 3 years younger again, M. Colston had a monster game and E. Decker had its second consecutive +20 points game. A. Peterson finally had his +100 yard rushing game but couldn’t find the endzone for the third consecutive week. S. Holmes left the game early with an injury and was therefore the only offensive player of The Wildcard with less than 5 points.

With The Wildcard winning their first game of the season, they can start the hunt for the other three teams of Division 2 as each of them have a 3-1 record. Autobots Rise score less than their previous game for the third consecutive week and see their promising start of the season 2-0 fall to a mediocre 2-2 record. However as all the teams in Division 3 lost their game, Autobots Rise remain close to North Wilkesboro Hamlinators (3-1) and relatively far away from Dark Matter (0-4) and Galloping Ghosts (0-4).


Ice Penguins (2-1) 221.34 vs 124.73 (3-0) North Wilkesboro Hamlinators

The unbeaten North Wilkesboro Hamlinators faced the Ice Penguins who after losing a division game in week 1 had not been beaten since.

Despite the records of both team going into this week, Ice Penguins dominated this game from start to finish even with a disappointing performance of both their RBs (J. Stewart and M. Bush). Big performances of Ice Penguins QB D. Brees, WR R. White and WR A. Green ensured an early-game lead for the Ice Penguins. North Wilkesboro Hamlinators tried to fight back with good performances of QB M. Stafford, RB F. Gore and WR D. Thomas. A late-game performance of WR D. Bryant could not close the gap for North Wilkesboro as Ice Penguins TE J. Witten finally looked like his old self and a superb performance of LB L. Briggs. At the end of the game, the differential in points was a bit less than 100 points.

With this breakout performance of Ice Penguins, they lifted their record to 3-1 and have a three week winning streak. Ice Penguins joins Shadow Warriors and The Prestige on top of Division 3. North Wilkesboro Hamlinators three winning strike ended this week and their record dropped to 3-1. Despite their loss, North Wilkesboro Hamlinators remains comfortable on top of Division 2.


10/02/2012 4:05 pm  #2

Re: RZPN's Roundup of Week 4

Great stuff, Gert!


10/02/2012 4:11 pm  #3

Re: RZPN's Roundup of Week 4

Well done Gert, a very enjoyable read {especially since the Shadow Warriors won this week!}


10/02/2012 4:16 pm  #4

Re: RZPN's Roundup of Week 4

I got my clock cleaned, and it doesn't look good for this week, as I have to put all my chips in on Matt Cassell...


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10/02/2012 4:20 pm  #5

Re: RZPN's Roundup of Week 4

Very Nice. . It's a lot of work to do all 8 games. thank you


10/02/2012 7:00 pm  #6

Re: RZPN's Roundup of Week 4

I enjoyed reading about seven of this weeks games tremendously. My game? Not so much...terrific stories!

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10/02/2012 9:57 pm  #7

Re: RZPN's Roundup of Week 4

Nice job.  Im gald you are taking the time to report on all the games, as GGhosts said "alot of work".  Thanks for doing it.


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