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Interviews Week 4


Hello, everybody, and welcome to Week 4 of RedZonePerfection Fantasy Football. Very soon the NFL teams will kickoff, and the course of the league will be changed forever. That QuarterBack on your team will never get a second chance to redo that interception. That Runningback on your team will never get to rewind leaping over the endzone and getting his leg caught in that pile, causing a season-ending injury.That Wide Receiver on your team will never get a second chance at that drop he made in the endzone, with your team 5 points from winning the game.

With all of this being possible, you probably want to know every way to proof your team from this, whether through trades, adds and drops, or researching newly on-the-radar fantasy players for you to snatch up from the waiver wire.

All in all, there's always room for the opinions of others, which I shall present to you now.

Let's talk about the Hamlinators. They're 3-0. The team leaders,rank 6th WR Reggie Wayne, the 15th rank WR Demaryius Thomas, the 15th rank RB Frank Gore,and All-Pro Linebacker Sean Lee appear have been unstoppable this year.
Is Shane playoff-bound already?
How many wins do you expect him to acquire this year?

A few Coaches had promising answers for Shane, while others believed that he has had it easy so far, and has yet to feel the thunder.

Ben: He's got 3 wins already, the sky's the limit for this guy, I see him having a winning record of going 9-5 in the regular season.

Mike: I'd say Shane has positioned himself well for a playoff run and he seems like he should be able to get at least a wildcard spot.Without putting to much thought into it I think he could get anywhere from 4-6 more wins to put him to at least .500

Barker: We all know how our last game against the Hamlinators played out. We're disappointed about the overturned incomplete pass call, but we can't argue against it. That said, they will have to work for their playoff contention. We expect to see them there.
The average team would be hard-pressed to beat that lineup, so I'd put them down to win more than they've lost. Perhaps 9-4 in the regular season.

Dredd: It's probably a bit early to crown them as being in the playoffs, but they seem to be moving in that direction.
If pressed for a number I expect them to get 9, but we still have a long way to go and such guesses are only worth what you pay for them!

So true, Dredd, yet so untrue at the same time. One often learns their weaknesses from someone else.

Jeff: Coach Shane will always show up and work his butt off trying. I believe shanes quick 3 game takeoff will certainly help, but i still see a 6-8 record ahead of him, slightly missing the playoffs.

Rich, O' Rich, will Shane make the playoffs?

Rich: Nope.

KC: Shane should make the playoffs but barely at 7-7.

John: Yes, but he is yet to see any adversity. Bye weeks coming. Depth suspect. 9 - 5 Maybe.

Chris: Good to see you. What a wild start to the season.

You've got that right, Chris.

Continuation: With the Hamlinators having such a great start to the season I find it hard to see them not in the playoffs. They have some tough teams coming up and could end the season with a playoff spot, but having an 8 and 6 record.

Carlos: It certainly has been a good surprise to see him leading this season. I think he has a good chance to be at playoffs, he would end up 7-7.

Jessie: I am very optimistic about the Hamlinators this year. Shane has done a good job of getting huge playmakers onto his team. Some of those playmakers have not quite come through for him yet, such as Dez Bryant and Kevin Walter, so I expect the team to only get better. He needs to improve his defense, though, because Sean Lee can't do it all.
No one is playoff-bound yet. Not even the Q Force. No one ever knows when or if a player on that "playoff-bound" team will get injured, and things go downhill from there. The odds simply rise as a team gains more wins, and they fall as other teams in your division win.Seeing that he's in the least competitive division in the league, in my opinion, he should get 9-10 wins this year.

So, what does Shane have to say about his team?

Shane: I think I've honestly been lucky with the performances from some of my players.I think I'm playoff bound, I'm getting more and more confident as the weeks go by.

Is that a good thing...or a bad thing?

Gert-Jan, who plays the Hamlinators this week, says: Even though he hasn t be defeated this season, I expect him to not make the playoffs. Six wins.

Gert, Which Hamlinator are you most worried about this coming Sunday?

Gert-Jan: Dez Bryant. He has a very slow start of the season but a guy with this potential can explode every week out of nothing.

Many predict that in the future, the Lorikeets will be an extremely talented, and possibly elite squad of young players. Right now they have the best, and second best Defensive Linemen J.J. Watt and Michael Johnson. Loganholme also has hold of newly-added, #5 Linebacker Akeem Ayers, and #2 Defensive Back Alterraun Verner. With a Defense like that, one can expect their offense, once fully developed, to only add to the damage the defense does.

Are the Lorikeets playoff-bound?
Who wins this week? The unstable Irish, or the unpredictable Lorikeets?

Barker: I think the Lorikeets are this year's surprise bunch. Many counted them out at the start, myself included, but no one can deny the talent that GM Rich has acquired. Foot in my mouth, ma'am. Foot in my mouth. This squad WILL appear in the playoffs this year and will be a serious championship contender when next season rolls around. As difficult as it is for me to put my money down on a division rival, the Lorikeets take this one.

If the Lorikeets do win this one, Barker will have been the only one to put his money on them.

Jessie: I think the Irish will defeat the Lorikeets due to Jamaal Charles having yet another outstanding game.

Dredd: Early success aside I don't see them in the playoffs this year. I'm expecting to see the Irish stretch out their luck and pull off a win this week.

Rich: I seriously doubt it. I expect Carlos to win but I hope otherwise.

Lack of confidence from a Coach, something one rarely sees in RZP.

Chris: The Lorikeets do have the men to do the job although I'm not sure this is the year they go to the playoffs. This week is going to be a tough one with the Irish taking the win.

John brilliantly points out something that no one had thought of.

John: No & next year something will have to suffer. Does he drop young offense or elite defense? [He] Can't keep everyone. Carlos. The lucky streak Rich has rode recently will run out.

Mike: I don't expect to see them make the playoffs this year. I expect Carlos to pick up the win here but would enjoy seeing Rich pull out another one.

Carlos:  I don't think the Lorikeets will make the playoffs, and of course our team will put all his efforts to win this one.

KC: I don't believe Rich will make the playoffs, but his team is off to a better than expected start! And he will fall this week to Carlos!

Jeff: I think the Irish takes this game this week. I also think Rich is building something great up there, I once thought itll take 2-3 years to build, but he is way ahead of schedule.

Gert-Jan: No. The unstable Irish.

Shane: I don't think the Lorikeets are playoff-bound this year, but they will be big-name competitors in the coming years.

Over the course of 3 weeks, no two Quarterbacks could be harder to choose between than Michael Vick and Russell Wilson. Vick is just 95 yards away from throwing for 1,000 yards this year. Compare that to Wilson's 434, and the Seahawks persisent running game, the answer would appear to be quite obvious. But the catch is that Wilson brings precision to the team that Vick hasn't been able to show this year. Wilson has 4 Touchdowns, Vick has 3, and Vick has thrown six times the amount of interceptions that Wilson has (Vick: 6; Wilson 1). Not only that, but Vick has been exposed to constant front-line pressure from defenses, absorbing nine sacks this year. So the question is,
"Would you start Michael Vick or Russell Wilson?"

Chris: Vick is a great player for sure but he cant keep taking the beating he does. I hear alot of people talking about taking the sippy-cup lid off for Wilson and letting him play with more freedom He will be a great QB but there is something to say about the knowledge that experience brings to a NFL player, makes this a good question. Id start wilson this week. I think the Giants brutal defense will have its way with Vick this week.

Barker: Some say three strikes you're out. I say four. Give Michael Vick one more chance for redemption. If he can't pull through at that point, Russell Wilson is a great choice for a replacement.

Dredd: not specifically my question but... Yeah Mike has had a rough start to the season so we figure to have him sit on the bench and watch Christian for a couple of weeks to see if he can sort out some of his issues and return to the elite player we're all used to seeing.

Mike:  would have to start Wilson as I feel he is much safer as Vick turns the ball over a ton and could easily put up negative numbers which is a killer.

Rich: Wilson.

John: I'd play the match-ups right now until Vick takes 1 big shot too many.

Carlos: Russel Wilson.

KC: That's tough because Vick has really put up big #s on the giants! So I say Vick!

Jeff: Right now I would start Vick, however I would prefer to have Wilson on my team.

Gert-Jan: I don't like an injury-prone and imprecise QB. As the scoring of this league is very unforgiving regarding interceptions and sacks, I would go with the upside of Wilson.

Jessie: Russell Wilson. He has a good defense and running game to back him up.

Shane:  I would start Michael Vick slightly over Russell Wilson. Wilson's a rookie, no matter what, and the options in Seattle pale in comparison to those in the city of Philly.

Dredd, Your team scored over 245 points week 2. The following week, it scored a meager 127 points and was beaten out by underdog Ben and his Jokers.

What happened? Care to explain the performance of your players?
What can RZP expect from the Shadow Warriors week 4?

Dredd: Well, every team can have an off week, and we're still hurting with Fred not yet recovered from his knee injury in week one. There also was a touch of the flu which affected the play of some of our folks but it seems to have passed now.
b) The boys are hungry for a victory this week we brought in a new young stud at running back in Doug Martin and even Fred may be able to see some action, I'd say it's going to be a bad week to be a fan of Dark Matter!

The Coach was fired. The GM removed from office. Lance Kendricks was cut, LeSean McCoy and Dwayne Bowe traded, Justin Tuck added, and a new freshener sprayed in the offices of the Show-me's. Will stepped in as the new shot-caller and everything changed. The question is: Was it for the better? Can Will turn this team around?

Will, What's your intended direction for the team? First round draft picks...a transformed Cam Newton...an iron-wall defense?

Will: Well, the first week on the job was spent figuring out what the Show-Me's had to work with. It was pretty evident that it wasn't much. After reviewing the preseason draft, I was shocked to find out the previous GM had taken McCoy over Ray Rice. So obviously, the previous GM and I had some fundamental differences in our philosophies.

Now, I'm going to have to be patient and try to take this team into a new era. I think Cam Newton has a lot of potential and he's young. So he still has a lot to learn in this league, but boy does he have a lot of skill! Is he a franchise QB? I think I will evaluate that the rest of this season.

Next year's draft will be vital to the future of this team.We are definitely in a rebuilding mode. With only 2 healthy RBs, it's going to be tough to compete. We definitely will need to build up some depth at that position. Unfortunately, I don't think we have the pieces to offer in trades.

I think we're up to the challenge and it will make success in this league that much sweeter once we attain it!

Will the Show-me's ever get over their hump?
What is your predicted record for the Show-me's?

Jessie: That's really unpredictable. We didn't expect the Lorikeets to get "over their hump", now did we? If Will adds some young players, and thinks more about next year than this year - such as adding players that are behind a veteran with a one-year contract on the depth chart, that will be starters next year - he can certainly build his team up one brick at a time. I can't say. I think that Will is still trying to get a feel for what his plan is for the team. He could decide on a plan for the future or a plan for the present, and that will definitely sway his win total. Will's obviously in a situation of patience.

Gert-Jan: Didn't like the trade he made, so I think he still has a long way to go to turn around this team. Three wins.

Carlos: No, things will be harder for them. They will end up 3-11.

Jeff: This teams been through a lot. Coach Will seems like an alright guy, while i do agree with his decision to move mccoy and bowe, i don't feel he got even close to enough for those guys. I see a 3-11 record for those guys, and i don't see them getting better anytime soon.

Barker: Absolutely, undoubtedly YES. But will it be this season? Probably not. But I say prove me wrong!3-10.

Dredd: in time I expect so but things may get worse before they get better Again always tough to call a record but they may not do better than 4 wins this year.

Mike: I believe he will be able to turn things around fairly well but since he's in my division the best he can ever hope for is a wildcard spot into the playoffs.
b)I think he could possibly get up to 4-12 or 5-11.

KC:  Dont think Will can do it this year but time we tell! And only see about 3 wins coming for his guys at most!

Rich: Yes, but not this year. 3-11.

Shane: I think it may be too late for Show-Me to come back. The damage's been done.

Some have spoken of the Harrow Jokers sneaking a little juice into the opposing teams' drinks before the game, swaying the outcome. And with their team having the least amount of resistance towards them (only 377 points against), there's little evidence to oppose the idea. This certainly seems to be the case when the Shadow Warriors, coming off of a 245 point game, scored as little as 127 points. They have been called many names, but right now, the one that stands out the most is "undefeated". After swapping Michael Vick for Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ahmad Bradshaw for Reggie Bush, one could say that the Jokers are prepared now better than ever. On the other side of the ball is KC and the Down Force. Although he put up an impressive 537.35 points in the past three weeks (only .29 points less than #5 The Prestige), KC's team found two back-to-back losses to start the season. He certainly looks to turn things around starting with disposing of one of three remaining 3-0 teams.

Who will win this matchup?
Are the Down Force playoff-bound despite their unsuccess?

Jeff: I think the Jokers tricks are over, Kc has his stadium on lockdown and plans to ride his race cars right over the Jokers and into the playoffs.

Ouch, Ben!

KC: Simply put Downforce wins and easaly makes the playoffs!

Ben: I still think its too close to be called at this stage, but the only thing certain is at the end of the game both managers will be sharing a drink and looking over the highlights of whats gonna be a modern classic!
b - Anyone that underestimates this team does so at their own peril!

Barker: Write it down for the Jokers! If there's one thing about this team, it's that their wily team name matches their GM's wily character. He's made all the right moves, no matter how unorthodox they might have been.

Mike: Gotta give the win to the Down Force but you never know what will happen once the games get started. I'd expect to see them in the playoffs even if it's as a wildcard team.

Jessie: Hmm...that's a good matchup. I'm going to give this one to the Harrow Jokers, who barely inch by the Down Force due to LeSean McCoy being shut down by the Giants, and KC's defense struggles this week.  The Down Force needs to start showing a good win percentage before we start talking playoffs.

Rich: Downforce. Yes, I think so.

Shane: I like the DOWN FORCE to top the Harrow Jokers, kind of convincingly.

Carlos: Down Force will win and will go to playoffs.

Gert-Jan: Down Force. Yes, still playoff bound.

Dredd: I think the Jokers are the ones in for the "trick" this week and expect them to fall to Down Force
b) I fully expect to see Down Force in the playoffs this season.

Division 2 is a confusing sort. On one hand, you have a 3-0 team and a 2-1 team, but on the other hand you have two 0-3 teams that have been pinned down for the start of the season. The Dark Matter has some upside, with Jimmy Graham as the team's star, and Tom Brady not quite reaching his peak yet this year. He holds RB hopefuls Tashard Choice and Danny Woodhead., and a promising defense. If they can just punch through their barrier, success may be waiting on the other side, where the Division 3 Shadow Warriors lie.
The Galloping Ghosts are another group of hopefuls. John holds many young and talented Runnings backs including Daryl Richardson, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Bilal Powell. All hoping for their chance, but aren't quite there yet. Receiver Steve Johnson has performed tremendously recording 172 yards recieving and 3 touchdowns. The big enigma on the team is Aaron Rodgers, picked #1 overall in the RZP 2012 draft. He was expected to repeat last year's dynamic performance, but hasn't been given the chance, being sacked 16 times this year, despite making 78 pass completions so far.
Autobots had a great start, but they took a dip after last week's mediocre performance of 138 points. Will this be their trend for the rest of the year?
Lastly, you have the optimistic-looking Hamlinators, who, despite having the second least amount of points scored against, have showed that they can play ball, as Sean Lee terrifies opposing Quarterbacks.

Which team will likely win division 2 by the end of the year?

Everyone had mixed opinions with this question. I guess that's why it's such a hot topic.

Jessie: The Hamlinators. They have an edge over the other division's teams, and that's all it will take to win that division.

Rich: Dark Matter.

KC: Autobots would be my guess as Div 2 IMO is the worst of all 4 Divs.

Dredd: I think despite their stumble last week the Autobots are still the team to beat in divison 2.

Barker: Is there a question? Autobots Rise will be the Div. 2 victor. One slumped week says nothing about that roster. They mean business; that business is Super Bowl contention.

Ben abstained from answering.
Ben: If I was a betting man, which I am, the only thing Id put my money on is there being plenty more twists!

Jeff: I see the autobots pulling out the worst division in RZP. 7-7 will get them there.

Carlos: Yeah the ghosts will be a roller coaster this year with CJ?K leading the backfield. Looks like the Hamlinators have a good chance to win that division.

Gert-Jan: It's going to be very close but even though they are 0-3 I still think galloping ghosts are going to win the 2nd division.

Mike: That's a rather tough one as it's hard to choose a winner so far out but I guess I'll pick Bilco for now with little reason behind the choice except for the fact that the Autobots always beat the Deceptacons in the end lol

Shane: I think it's going to be a two-team race between the Autobots and the Hamlinators, as I think both will get into the playoffs, I'm not sure who will win the division. I'd be foolish not to vote for myself with this question.

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Re: Interviews Week 4

Another great Story Jess.....good job!

Second is just the first loser!

9/29/2012 3:17 pm  #3

Re: Interviews Week 4

Excellent story, young lady! The questions were insightful and reflected your thoughtful approach to all of the league's business. I must also compliment my fellow owners for their answers. It is clear that this is a group of dynamic, intelligent individuals who understand that one can compete fiercely and respect competitors at the same time. This is the way that FF is supposed to be!

btw, I was credited with two different responses to question 2 regarding the Lorikeets. The first set of remarks with my name attached are mine. The second set of remarks with my name belong to someone else.

Lorikeets 2013 8-6 1st Place Division 4
Lorikeets 2012 6-8 3rd Place Division 4
Does it matter which lemming is the leader?

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Re: Interviews Week 4

rtretler wrote:

Excellent story, young lady! The questions were insightful and reflected your thoughtful approach to all of the league's business. I must also compliment my fellow owners for their answers. It is clear that this is a group of dynamic, intelligent individuals who understand that one can compete fiercely and respect competitors at the same time. This is the way that FF is supposed to be!

btw, I was credited with two different responses to question 2 regarding the Lorikeets. The first set of remarks with my name attached are mine. The second set of remarks with my name belong to someone else.

Thanks. That was Jeff's comment. The hard part about this is that your first copy must be perfect, as everything is copied after that.

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Re: Interviews Week 4

Nice job on the interviews and story Jessie, I look forward to seeing more of these as the season progresses


9/29/2012 5:16 pm  #6

Re: Interviews Week 4

If you said I was going to start the season 3-0, I wouldn't have believed you.

I don't think I got my 3rd win until the second to last or last week of the regular season last year.

Yet, I finished in 13th place out of 16.

Anyways, excellent story/article Jessie. I enjoyed answering the questions.

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Re: Interviews Week 4

Awesome story.  I've been missing these!


9/30/2012 1:15 am  #8

Re: Interviews Week 4

Coaches love seeing thier name in print.  Thank you for doing this story and the needed reporting with us all, lots of travel and phone calls/emails were needed to get the story out in sure.

(edit)*** coaches like seeing thier name in print MOST of the time.

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Re: Interviews Week 4

Due to not having enough time this week, I am unable to complete the interviews before Sunday. Work on week 6 will being as soon as Monday.

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Re: Interviews Week 4

Great story!

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