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10/14/2012 11:42 am  #1

Interviews Week 6


Week 6 begins this Sunday, and for many, this is the turning point for many teams. If a team's ratio is at a loss, that team must turn around here or be prepared for the worst.
And for the winning teams, they must stay on track, balanced or they will be turning around.

Q1:As for the first topic, I'd like to talk about The Wildcard. This team is 2-3 and hasn't received much credit for its ability. There are a lot of bright spots on this team. Including Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning, Michael Turner, Marques Colston, and big-guy Tony Gonzalez.
On the other side of the ball is Down Force, KC's Powerhouse. Many reguard Down Force as the best in the league, yet he sits at 2-3 with three of the best RBs in the game: MJD, Arian Foster, and LeSean McCoy. Although MJD is on a bye week, hopes are high for the "Powerhouse".

So the question is....
a) Who wins this game?

Jeff: Amber had a rough start, losing her first 3 games, than she turned it around and won 2 in a row, by being the top 5 scorer, She's on fire now with little chance to slow down. KC, has a good team, but sitting at 2-3 he has got to get his team together, I expect this to actually be the closest game of the week, with it finishing inside of 10 points, probably both teams close to 200. Who wins is anyones guess, but I expect it to be the one everyone will really be watching. I believe Gonzales is her secret weapon, tough to lose with one of the top scoring tight ends in the game this year.

Dredd: I think Down Force will manage to pull off the win but must admit to a certain satisfaction when I see the "top team" get knocked off!

Cordy: Amber wins.

Shane: DOWN FORCE will be victorious.

John: The down force should win this match-up. The Wildcard has some bright spots but also glaring black holes. Depth & age. This week the bright spot of lots of WRs will be sacrificed to fill spots on Def. in order to just get a couple of points( I know all about that with low level DLs not producing )& may not survive the waiver wire. Lets look at week #7 VS The Q Force: Peyton out Sanchez in. Turner out Redman in.
Tony G. out No backup yet. 2 WRs on bye But was depth sacrificed for DEF help last week or was DEF used to add DEF. Flex only 3 RBs & 1 on bye only 1 TE So flex must be a WR. ? still have WR depth?
I think the most important thing about week #6 is not if they win but who gets moved ( WRs or DEF ) to fill roster for week # 6 & who survives the waivers for the needed big moves coming in week # 7

The Downforce appears to be a "DREAM TEAM " on paper & we know how that turned out. The trade of McCoy this week with MJD on bye puts Bell in lineup & If this hurts will be repeated in week 8 with Fosters Bye. But I'm sure he'll try & trade WRs for a RB.

Too true, John. Like the Eagles' dream team, the Down Force might just be sinking.

What does Amber have to say about her team?
(Amber) What's your secret weapon? My spontaneous (not really) guess, Peyton Manning?

Amber:  I don't know if there is really a secret weapon.. My team will go out there and play there best, it is what it is. Of course we've got quite a few good guys, that help lead the team,such as Peyton Manning, and AP and them.

Barker:  I have the utmost respect for The Wildcard's players and GM, but DOWN FORCE will be winning this game. Bye week or not, one can't turn their head away from the powerhouse of players in division four.

Ben: They form Foster is in I cant see anything past him leading them to victory.

Gert-Jan:  Down Force. Even though MJD is on a bye week, I think the RB corps of both teams are somewhat equal but the WR corps of Down Force is better especially with M. Colston on a bye. It also can't hurt that Down Force's QB Matt Ryan is (at the moment) the highest scoring fantasy player.

Mike: Well first it's news to me that KC was ever considered the best team and as of right now I don't even think he's #2 but that's just my opinion and everyone is entitled to there own. I'll give KC the edge but Amber has been putting up good games recently.

Rich:  I expect the Wildcard to win this game. Amber's secret weapon this week is karma. Downforce is carrying heaps of negative karma.

Jessie: Looking at both teams, at first glance I believed the Wildcard would win this game with stride, as they've been on an unstoppable roll; but Amber has two defensive players missing on her squad, and that could easily be 12-20 points gone right there. KC will take the match because of this.

b) In the playoffs, would you rather have Matt Ryan or Peyton Manning as your QB?

Rich:  I would prefer to have Manning as my QB in the playoffs. All that experience lessens the likelihood that he will make a mistake.

Mike: I would lean towards Manning at this point I think Ryan is being a bit overvalued right now after his big week 1 performance.

Gert-Jan: Matt Ryan. In my opinion, Matt Ryan has a much more explosive offense around him and is gathered by more talent than Peyton Manning.

Jessie: Manning. He's ascended to levels Ryan hasn't even touched yet. In the playoffs, the points go to the guy with experience and clutch ability. Manning, without a doubt, has both of those things.

Barker:  Matt Ryan is having his career season. In my mind, there is no question.

Well, the debate is pretty much a wash, so there is a question.

John:  I'd like Peyton with Ryan's WRs TE & RBs.

Wouldn't we all?

Cordy: I think I'd rather have Peyton Manning.

Shane:  I'd have Matty Ice as my playoff QB, just because he has the hot hand as of lately, and I'd be more willing to roll with the players who have the hot hand.

Dredd:  I'd have to say I'd rather have Matt Ryan right now, he's been playing with a hot hand and isn't showing any sign of falling off.

Ben:  I'm really high on Matty Ice at the moment and think hes only gonna get better this year and next. There's not many teams that are 5-0 at the moment, and he's one of the main reasons.

Q2:Next, we look at a team that's on a roll with two wins, with just a point behind his division's leader. Somehow behind McGahee and Ridley's legs, Dalton's arm, and Greenway's tackling ability, the Regulars have remained intact and in a good position to take a leading spot in the race for the playoffs. The team in his way? The Shadow Warriors. The Team's Coach,Dredd, may be known for being a master of his brilliant work done in the shadows, but he can also leap out and strike you unbalanced at any moment. With Darren Sproles taking a breather, the only thing in the Regulars way is Percy Harvin, the master himself. He has remained on top of the Fantasy WR pyramid for the whole year, and that's with only one receiving touchdown.

So the question is....
a) Who wins this game?

Ben: The Seahawks D has been great this year, and I have a feeling they may throttle Ridley this week, which means for me they will be reliant on points coming from the rest of the team, which may be fewer then expected/hoped for/needed. Whereas the double value of Ponder/Harvin should be enough to ensure the Shadow Warriors victory.

John: Very evenly matched teams with the shadow getting the edge because of the marquis names of Percy & Gronk & the return of Fred.

Jeff: I believe Barker will get this one, but I sure hope Dredd does to give me some room in my division.

Dredd: As to the game with the Regulars? There's no doubt we'll pull off the win against them. Despite Darren being on the bench this week we are following our old "next man up" adage. We've got a hungry young firebrand in Vick Ballard who will be given a chance to really show his stuff this week and he's hungry, think of him as the "high octane" solution to the "regulars"!

Shane: I think the Shadow Warriors win in a close one.

KC: With Sproles on a bye and Amendola out a few weeks I think Dredd may be in trouble this week!

Amber:  I'm going to say the Warriors.

Barker: We plan on bringing the fight to the Warriors in this one. They can expect the projections to be quite incorrect.

Gert-Jan: Shadow Warriors. I think it will be a close game but my gut says Shadow Warriors.

Cordy: I think Dredd has a big week and beats the Regulars.

Mike: I'd have to go with Dredd.

Jessie:  Unless Ponder throws 2 or more touchdowns to his big, friendly TE Kyle, I think he's a little weak at RB right now, and The Regulars will pull away. Of course, that could just be my "division rival" side of me talking.

Rich: I think the Warriors will win this one.

If Harvin were to be injured, could the Warriors still contend for the championship?

Harvin's coach [Dredd] quickly states,
Please don't even hint at injuries to Harvin or anyone else even in jest. That's been our most serious problem this season thus far, we lost Danny last week early in the game and his absence combined with the injury to D'Quel which also took him out of the game cost us a chance at a victory. Fred has been working his way back and we are hoping he will return to his pre-injury form sooner rather than later. Realistically injuries can take any contending team and put the on the outside looking in, we just have to do our best to make sure that if we have to cover for an injury we've done the best we possibly can to prepare our bench folks to step up when the opportunity calls!

Mike: I think he'll have a hard enough time contending with his current injuries so I'd say he would be dead in the water if he lost Harvin for an extended period of time.

Gert-Jan: Depends if Amendola is healthy again. If he is healthy, I think they can contend for the playoffs but winning the league? No.

Ben: Its possible. SW seem to have a strong selection of RBs so if needed he may be able to trade well enough to cover the loss of Percy.

Barker respectfully says,
Under the management of GM Dredd, absolutely. That being said, it would take some work to get the team back on track without Percy on it.

Amber: Of course he can, it would be harder,but it takes a team to win,not a player.

Cordy: If Harvin went down, he would be toast.

Jessie: With Percy, the Warriors could go the distance; without him, chances are injuries would be victorious over Dredd's team this year.

John: [Dredd] Has already seen the adversity of injuries with Fred being out a couple of weeks & now Amendola. Has nice young RBs on team. Sure could contend but may not be as solid as some others.

Shane:  I'm not sure, there isn't much there to pick up the slack, but I could be wrong.

Jeff:  I am not sure the Warriors can get to the playoffs with Harvin, much less without him.

And lastly, Rich puts in his two cents.
Rich: Without Harvin the Warriors would fall into the shadows of the middle of the pack.

And he adds,
If the Prestige do no exceed their projections this week, the Lorikeets will fly to victory...jus sayin

Hey, guys, sorry for the relatively small amount of questions this week. Anyone can help out by sending in a question he/she would like to be answered by the other coaches.
Thank you for your time and your answers!

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Re: Interviews Week 6

Great job Jessie!  Interviews are fun haha

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Re: Interviews Week 6

Super job with the interview as usual, another enjoyable read, thanks for the extra effort to put this together Jessie!


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Re: Interviews Week 6

You do such good work! I hope that putting the interviews together did not have a negative effect on your team. Better luck next week!

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