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11/18/2012 12:06 pm  #1

Interviews Week 11

Q1: Q Force vs Shadow Warriors...

a) Who wins this matchup?

Ben: I think Q Force will sneak this one this weekend, but it will be a very close matchup.

Dredd: Obviously I have to say the Shadow Warriors! It's gonna be a tough battle with injuries factoring in on both sides.

Jeff: I gotta believe the Shadow Warriors will pull out a win here, they are proving they are the top team in the league right now

Rich: Q-Force.

Mike:  I think I'll be able to pull off a win against a tough opponent

Shane: The Q Force will handle the challenge by the Shadow Warriors

John: The Q Force wins. It should be a high scoring close game. I believe that the QB position will be the difference between 2 very good teams.

Amber: I think Q force will take this game.

Jessie: I think I'm going to have to root for my division rival in this one. The Warriors walk away with the win.

b) Will the winner remain #1 for the rest of the season?

Jeff:  I don't think this will make them #1 though, they will still have a tied record for the top spot, it's hard to predict who will be #1 when this final whistle blows, could be a toss up from about 4 different teams!

John: The Q Force has the more difficult schedule the rest of the way but is still a game up on the entire league.

Ben: It's still far too early to project who will be number 1 at this stage! It wouldn't surprise me if someone else sneaked in.

Shane:  I'm not sure, we'll have to wait and see.

Mike: Well I think a win here will allow me to stay in 1st for the duration of the regular season but were Dredd to pull off a win he wouldn't be in 1st place if Amber beats Will.

Dredd: As fluid as the #1 position can be there's no guarantee that the winner would hold that position for the rest of the regular season though Q Force would have an edge as they presently have a better record.

Rich: I think they [Q Force] will remain at the top of the heap.

Amber: I think it all comes down to you're QB,RB,and WRs mainly,

Jessie: I see Amber having the top spot by the end of the season. It's difficult to extinguish an on-fire Peyton Manning.


Q2: If you haven't already seen the Black Ops II commercial yet, you must now (link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wIZp_E2CxQ). So now that you've seen it....

a) What was the most surprising game result last week? Why?

Rich: The Lorikeets did quite a bit worse than I thought they would. I was surprised.

Jessie: My team playing like chicken poop -- especially Eli Manning!

Dredd:  Again I'll rely on my own experience and say my Shadow Warriors beating Sun City was a surprise, with as many folks as I lost to injuries leading into the game I figured we wouldn't be close but a fortuitous combination of some backup players stepping up and having big weeks and a few Sun City players having an off week combined to give Shadow Warriors the upset!

Amber: I think Jeff losing to Dredd.

Ben: in our league, I don't really think any of the results was a surprise. in real life, its always a shock to see a match up end in a tie, so I'll go for my beloved 49ers.....

Jeff: I don't really see a surprising result from last week, all of the games pretty well went as predicted, if I had to name one, it would be how close of a game Barker gave to Amber, cause I was expecting more of a blowout!

John: The week wasn't that surprising. Injuries are mounting for some teams & some haven't stumbled yet. That's the surprise for me.

Shane: Sorry Jessie, but it had to be your team being an absolute no-show against the DOWN FORCE.

Mike: No result came as too much of a surprise though some of the scores that were put up by teams were a bit surprising

Q3: A key to being a good fantasy football manager is to be a good scout. One has to be able to scout for a team mismatch, or scout for the next sleeper player in the FA pool, or, in this case, scout out ahead for future NFL players.
Even if you don't want college football, you've probably heard a few big time players' names while at work, hanging out with your buddies, or simply reading the morning paper.
Maybe you have your eye on Matt Barkley, hoping for a future franchise QB....or perhaps you are looking at the defensive side of the ball, and you like Prospect from Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te'o. Since running backs are usually short of number in fantasy football, you may be interested in Marcus Lattimore, the RB from South Carolina.
How about Montee Ball the halfback from Wisconsin? You could very likely be thinking smaller with a QB like Colin Klein from Kansas State.
Hey, how 'bout this? I stop guessing and you start telling? Come on, now, everyone loves draft secrets!

a) Which current college player do you want most for your team next year?

Amber:  I don't really keep up with college this early on.

Jeff: I dont really watch much college ball, but I have seen some tape on Montee Ball and I am really impressed, that's all I'm gonna say at this point!

Mike: Well I'll keep my thoughts on the college players a bit private but will say I'd love to see one of you draft Lattimore after seeing him hurt his knee.

Dredd: Our scouting department has their eyes on some promising young talent that will be available in the draft but we're not looking to "name names" at this time!

Shane:  There are two I'm coveting; one from a local university, in fact the school in my hometown, of Bethlehem, PA; Ryan Spadola of the Lehigh Mountain Hawks. He's small, only 6'1", but he's playing in a very coveted position in the NFL, being a wide receiver, he'll land on one of the 32 teams in the NFL. How he'll be used, even if he'll be used will remain to be seen. But, if guys like Miles Austin and Victor Cruz can torment NFL secondaries from equally small schools (Monmouth NJ and Massachusetts respectively), then the sky's the limit for Spadola.
The second is Jarvis Jones from Georgia, he's an underclassmen and he may not even enter the draft, but if he does, a possible pairing up with Sean Lee could torment running games for years to come.

Rich: Do you really expect me to answer this honestly? Connor Shaw, QB, South Carolina - he will start for the Jets next season.

John: Not a lot of RBs. The draft will be better for WRs

Ben: I really like the look of the young WR from Texas, called Anoth Ertd

Jessie: I don't really want to talk about who I have my eyes on, but my favorite prospect heading into next year's draft has to be Wisconsin Running back Montee Ball.

Q4: Of all of the fantasy players this year....which player do you consider to be in the lead for "FF Player MVP"?

Top players in each position....
QB: Peyton Manning
RB: Adrian Peterson
WR: Brandon Marshall
TE: Tony Gonzalez
DL: J.J. Watt
LB: Daryl Washington
DB: Tim Jennings

a) Most valuable player in the league?

John: As Peyton goes, The Broncos go.

Amber: Well of course Peyton manning 

Mike: I'd pick Peyton since now that he's taken off Amber's team is now going off

Ben: From a fantasy perspective you'd probably have to say Peyton as he has scored the most points, but I'm not really a huge fan of his as such.

Shane: The MVP of the 2012 redzone perfection league will be won by Peyton Manning.

Jessie: Peyton Manning. I want to say Matt Ryan, but it just burns me to say so.

Rich: Peyton Manning.

Jeff:  I don't see more of a steal, and MVP than RG3 taken in the 2nd round and showing up to play big time, hes my fantasy football MVP

Dredd: Maybe I have a bit of a different take on it but I'd say that the strongest candidate for FF Player MVP would go to Matt Ryan due to his playing at the top of the FF scoring but he was picked in the middle of the 3rd round.

b) Most valuable player on your team?

Shane: The 2012 Team MVP of the North Wilkesboro Hamlinators is Reggie Wayne, slightly over Matthew Stafford and Demaryius Thomas.

Ben: On the Jokers, its between Alex Smith who has proven a better QB then a lot of people would have thought, or Heath Miller, whos been able to put up points consistently. It will be interesting to see him cope without Big Ben this week, but Miller sneaks it for me.

Jeff: On my team, In the earlier part of the season it would have been Wes Welker, but here later in the season its been Drew Brees, keeping me in every game, with his 30 points per game!

Jessie: Honestly, anyone besides Pierre Garcon. But of all my players, the only one that has shown up at every single game is Daryl Washington.

Rich: Alfred Morris.

Amber: Again, Peyton Manning.

Mike: I'd pick T-Rich as my team's MVP, he's not the highest scorer on my team but to have such an amazing RB as my #2 has helped me greatly

Dredd: For my own team I'd make it a three way tie between Percy Harvin still in the top 10 despite missing a game due to an ankle tweak and Randall Cobb hovering just outside of the top 10 and picked in the 14th round! and the "muscle hamster" Doug Martin who was traded for mid season and now also hovers just outside the top 10 in scoring and has the single highest game scoring output of the season thus far.

John: Without question Aaron is the leader of The Galloping Ghosts.

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Re: Interviews Week 11

Great stuff again as usual Jessie, thanks for all your hard work putting this together for us


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Re: Interviews Week 11

I like Interviews haha Thanks Jessie.

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Re: Interviews Week 11

Hmm, I thought we'd all be a little more open with our draft strategies. But, I was expecting some people to keep their secrets to themselves. And there's no shame in that.

Great set of questions, as usual Jessie.

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Re: Interviews Week 11

Excellent all the way around! Questions, answers, and evasive responses to draft strategy question - all extremely good!

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