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11/25/2012 5:52 pm  #1

Interviews Week 12

Q1: Harrow Jokers @ Sun City - The Jokers are coming off a hard loss against the Prestige, but may still have a shot at the playoffs. If the Ice Penguins or Prestige slip up, the Jokers could possibly find an opening. However, Sun City's brutal team has different plans. A chance at a top, maybe even bye-week, seed is what the outspoken Suns are trying to conquer in stride. Whether they will accomplish such an out-reaching goal, is to be determined.

Player to watch: Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints - If Brees explodes with a surreal passing game (which is unlikely against the Niners), he can with this game for the Commish; yet, if he passes to Lance Moore, it might not matter.

So the question is....
a) Who wins this matchup?
b) Do the Jokers have a shot at the playoffs?

Mike: I think Ben has a much better chance at it after the trade he made with Jeff. He still has a shot, though it will be difficult

Jeff: Everyone knows even with Coach Cool Dude rebuilding his Sun City, they will still beat and destroy all of Ben's chances at making a playoff appearance

Jessie: If the Jokers find a good WR to fill in that empty slot, I'm going to say they snatch this from Jeff! If they win out, yes, they have a chance. [by the way] Danario Alexander isn't exactly great.

Ben: Jokers of course! That's the ultimate goal. Write them off at your peril!!

Amber: I think Jokers will take this one. Of course they do.

Shane: Jokers fool us once again, and prove us wrong. But, I'm voting for them so I won't have Ben telling me I should have when I didn't if he does beat sun city.
I'm not sure, they're 10th out of 16, but winning out will most likely get them in.

John: Sun city wins. Brees should be fine & N.O. has a run game now but that might benefit the Jokers with Chris Ivory
The Jokers will probably have to win out to make the playoffs.

Rich: Sun City wins. The Jokers have an excellent shot at the playoffs
...in the Toilet Bowl with the Lorikeets...

Dredd: Well I remember last time being asked about the winner in a game that the Jokers were involved in nearly everyone picked against them and they pulled off a surprise win. That being said I don't think they have too many surprises left in them and Sun City is fighting to stay ahead of the surging Down Force so I expect the joke to be on the Jokers in this one.

As far as the Jokers making the playoffs? It's possible but not likely as they will essentially have to run the table to make it and hope for help.

Q2: North Wilkesboro Hamlinators @ The Wildcard - This one shows another matchup between a team balancing on a thin line to the finish, each step adding a little more stress to the matter; against a team that wants to keep a grip on the top spot. The Hamlinators have a lot of pressure on their shoulders, but when observing closely, we can clearly see that a win from them is entirely possible.
If Beanie Wells can be the tank he used to be, the Hamlinators may finally have that weapon they needed to end the Wildcard's short reign. Amber's team is going to have to put up more than it did last time if it expects to win. Keep in mind, though, this whole explanation for the Hamlinators would quickly fall apart if current FF MVP Peyton Manning tears the defense apart as predicted.

Player to watch: Beanie Wells, RB, Arizona Cardinals

So the question is....
a) Who wins this matchup?
b) Do the Hamlinators have a shot at the playoffs?

Amber:  Let's hope me haha. They're ranked 6th,so with a couple wins, I think they have a shot.

Shane: I'm voting for myself, because I can. 
With everyone in my division below .500, I think I can get in going at worst 1-2 in the last three games.

Rich: No team that relies on Beanie Wells has a shot at winning anything.
The Hamilinators have an excellent shot at the playoffs
...in the Toilet Bowl with the Jokers and the Lorikeets...

Dredd: While this would be one of the times I would hope for the contrary to give me a shot to move into first place I see the Wildcard winning this one. Wells is a "name player" and nothing more this season. He was terrible before he got injured this year and with the O-line getting worse rather than better and a 3rd string QB as a starter Wells may be the first RB in history to face an 11 man box all day!
Considering they nearly have their division locked up it would take a monumental collapse by the Hamlinators to miss the playoffs, so yes they'll be there as the division 2 champ

Ben:  I think that NWH sneaks this in a close one.  Can't see any reason why not. The pace is theirs to lose

John: The Wildcard but it could be a lot closer then we all think , But not because of beanie who I don't think will make that much difference. What will ? Peyton to Thomas or Peyton to Decker & Stafford on his feet or on the ground. They will crawl into the Playoffs because there is no time left for anyone in the division to catch them.

Jessie: I have to give this one to Amber.

Mike: I could see this one going either way. The Hamlinators are 1 win away from securing there division so I'd say yeah he'll make the playoffs lol

Jeff: I believe Shane will coach his Hamlinators up this week and walk away with another win for his home team, Shane will have a division title this week when either he wins or Chris' Dark Matter loses. So yeah, Shane will be in the playoffs with a division title in hand.

Q3: Older players, injured players, expensive players all get cut each year before training camp simply because they can't carry their fair shares of weight on the team.
Well, the same goes for fantasy football, with all of the undiscovered talent in free agency, you'll probably once or twice make a decision to drop a player with less projected upside than the one you're picking up.
Or sometimes, it's quite the opposite, you don't drop a player due to unproductiveness of your current players, but because of the potential of the player you're receiving.
Gems and duds are created and discovered this way.

So the question is....
a) Do you believe to have any "dead weight" on your team? If so, who?

Dredd: Actually I don't have any players on my team that I consider dead weight and recently mentioned to another coach that when time comes to cut down to our 15 man rosters it will be a very tough decision.

James: Yes, I have a ton of dead weight, I just have to see which people are more than others by the end of the season.

Rich: All of my players have a great upside. It is their present side that is lacking.

John: I have some now that I won't always have

Jessie: I've felt like Murray and Garcon were weighing down the team, but if we do get to the playoffs and they play, that will all be irrelevant. Now, I'm biting my tongue on the Garcon statement after his impressive show against the 'Boys.

Jeff: I believe I have a couple of guys who aren't living up to their potential or are far away from holding a starting job with Sun City.

Mike: I don't have any duds on my team with only 2 players being over the age of 30 and they are just a kicker and DL

Ben:  I don't think any manager would say yes to having dead weight, but lets say some players are less vital to the team moving forward.

Shane: The dead weight? It's got to be Peyton Hillis.

Amber: If I didn't like them on my team, then I'd drop them

b) Have you found any gems this year in free agency? If so, who?

James: Garrett Graham (from the one week I've had), hopefully he goes off!!!

Mike: My best find was the rookie WR Chris Givens

Ben:  Defensively McCourty and Von Miller have more then exceeded expectations. Still find it hard to believe anyone would have dropped Miller!!!

Jeff: Unfortunately I don't believe I have found any gems in free agency, thats the bad part about always getting the win, is your team comes last in the waiver wire.

Dredd: Absolutely, the waiver wire has produced some excellent players for us this year in the form of Cecil Shorts and Donnie Avery to help our receiving corps through injuries and bye weeks, and the young RB Ronnie Hillman who will be getting the starting nod this week to showcase what he can do! Anyone who thinks the waiver wire is useless simply isn't doing their homework!

Amber: I've found a few guys..such as Stokely, Jenkins..

Jessie: Brandon Myers. Picked him up in week 2, and he's been pulling more than his own weight ever since.

Rich: Morris, Reece, Gordon.

John: I have Some young RBs on my team that should see bigger roles next year as the players in front of them get older or pushed out of the way.

Shane: Any gems? LaRod Stevens-Howling for one.

c) So far, have you made a decision to let go of a player and later come to regret the decision?

Jessie:  I picked up Felix Jones as a handcuff the week before Murray's injury, but decided to let him go for another player during that week. That's hurt me pretty badly.

Ben: Looking back though my trades and drops, no actually! Although surprisingly I've brought back a couple of players but I don't regret trading them away at the time!

Mike: Nope, not at all.

Jeff: I do believe I will regret a few decisions I have made in the rebuilding process, Teams always do when they are rebuilding.

James: No haha, not at the moment.

Dredd: Not so far, though a few players that we let go have gone on to success on other teams, Emmanuel Sanders comes to mind, when we made the move to release him it was the right decision for the team at the time.

Rich: So far? Nope, but it will happen sooner or later...

John: Most of the players that I was forced to let go. I was able to get back. I had Ryan Broyles for a lot of weeks & had a waiver claim in on him to get him back . Then Nate gets hurt & he comes up on peoples radar & I get edged out for him. That I regret.

Shane:I let go of Stevens-Howling, I think the week before Ryan Williams was injured and subsequently put on IR. I was lucky he was still on the wavier wire when I was able to snatch him back up onto my roster.

Amber:  I probably have,but it all works out in the end for the better.

Q4: All of the teams that are standing here today were molded and built from our own team philosophies. Some of them have come back to haunt us, whereas others have proven to be wisely invested in.
With all the different possibilities in a team philosophy, I'm sure all of us have a unique way of explaining them. These philosophies could be as simply put as, "Get a top 5 QB" or "Have a decent team all-around." Maybe even "Injuries will destroy a team; Have a solid bench."
Be vague if you must, but do tell the world (of 16)!

So the question is....
a) How would you explain your team philosophy?  [i][/i]

Dredd: In it's simplest form...look for the hidden value that others will overlook and rely upon your own instincts and research to guide your choices

Rich: I wanted to start with a team of first and second year players and build for the long haul. I knew that we would struggle for the first year or two, but I felt strongly that over the long haul it would result in a team that could compete every year. Trading to get lots of first round picks fits right in with that plan. I expect to get some excellent up and coming rookies and maybe redraft one or two veterans that I have to cut in order to get the roster down to 15. The team was picked to finish last in the league by many so we have exceeded expectations, The real test comes next year. Can we move from 4 or 5 wins to 8 or 9? Time will tell. No matter how it goes for us in the standings, though, the process is challenging and fun.

John:  I like to have a big time QB ( When Cam gets over the sophomore slump I might have 2 ) & one of his starting WRs. RB has been my biggest thorn this year. Although I have some young ones who might step up next year. Some bad decisions cost me 4 games this year. I lead the league in points left on the bench by a lot.

Shane: My team philosophy is to have a good mix of style and substance. Have a great mix of big-name, high-profile players, and quiet players who perform their best every week. It's not much, but it's something.

James: Great QB, horrible everywhere else.

Amber: Well I wanted to get some good 1st round draft picks,so getting 3 of those really helped I think. Of course drafting Peyton was always on my mind, and he has proven once again to be a elite QB. I put more into my offense probably,but my defense really came out big this year,so i'm really happy with that.

Jeff: I try to give my team an all around talent level, I dont try to just be one dimensional, I believe its a terrible way to run a team.

Ben: It's quite simple, have the best possible squad you think you can, if there's a chance to improve a player/position without weakening another position to a point you're not comfortable then do it.
And be prepared to walk away from any trade if you feel you are paying more then you want/need to regardless of who you would be getting!

Jessie: I've always had a preference for a WR/TE-heavy team (because I would run a pass-heavy team in reality), but time and time again I see how important it is to have good RB depth. I also believe that I won't need picks next year if I solidify my bench this year. Finding sleepers is something I think I'm pretty good at, so it doesn't matter to me if I only have 7th round picks.

Note: Some answers have been answered before Thursday's games.


11/25/2012 7:46 pm  #2

Re: Interviews Week 12

Great again Jessie, I always enjoy reading the coaches answers to the questions you come up with


11/25/2012 7:56 pm  #3

Re: Interviews Week 12

Nice work Jessie....... Now lets see who doubted me again......!!!


11/25/2012 9:18 pm  #4

Re: Interviews Week 12

Hey Ben, my response was turned in before the trade you two made.  That would have tipped my opinion to at least "too close to call"!


11/25/2012 9:51 pm  #5

Re: Interviews Week 12

Yeah yeah!!! Everyone wants to pretend to be my friend now!!! Lol


11/26/2012 8:15 am  #6

Re: Interviews Week 12

Great stuff! This gets better every week!

Lorikeets 2013 8-6 1st Place Division 4
Lorikeets 2012 6-8 3rd Place Division 4
Does it matter which lemming is the leader?

11/26/2012 12:08 pm  #7

Re: Interviews Week 12

Another week of great questions, Jessie. I wonder what the questions will be for Week 13.

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