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7/21/2013 1:02 pm  #1

We have a draft date!!!!

FYI..... Jeffs been a bit busy with work so asked me to post this

Non Keepers will be dropped from everyones squads at 8pm GMT on Monday 22nd July 2013... (for the avoidance of doubt!!!)

After this there will be a 48 period where everyone can see the new available pool of players and the draft will then officially start at 8pm GMT on Wednesday 24th July.

Each player will have 24 hours to make a pick.

In the event that any manager does not pick within the 24 hour time limit, the highest placed player according to the Flea Flicker rankings will be picked on the basis of team needs.

A starting offence will be picked first, if the manager has a completed starting offensive line up available, and starting defensive player will be picked. If any manager has a full starting offence and defence, the next highest ranked player will be auto picked.

A kicker will not be auto picked for any player.


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