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8/08/2013 12:01 pm  #1

change of ownership!

As im sure everyone can tell about me as of late, I havent been around much an havent been running the league the way it should have been run throughout the draft process and the offseason. I apologize for this and have decided my off time isnt going to increase any time soon, so since Ben has really stepped up and helped the league throughout our offseason and was very organized throughout our draft, I asked him if he wanted to run things for this league. After taking a few days to think abouit it, he decided he would take things over here at redzone perfection. I am excited to see some new changes he has in store for us and am eager to get Sun City rolling this eason

The Champ is Here

8/08/2013 10:05 pm  #2

Re: change of ownership!

Thanks for the work you put in to founding the league, and now that you don't have the presuure of high command maybe you'll be able to wrestle the mantle of champion from Ben {but you'll have to get in line to do it!}


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