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8/12/2012 5:26 pm  #1

Post draft rankings

Using the posted starting offenses & the season projections from NFL.com. The power rankings of starting offenses is as follows : 

#16  The Loganholme Lorikeets   1285.82
#15  The Downforce                     1547.28
#14  The Red Raiders                  1567.64
#13  Public Enemy                        1590.37
#12  Sun City                                1610.50
#11  Dark Matter                           1666.76
#10  The Galloping Ghosts           1687.48
#9    The Hamlinators                    1724.10
#8    Cool Britannia                        1728.10
#7    The Wildcard                         1749.56
#6    The Regulars                        1826.30
#5    The Ice Penguins                  1836.76
#4    The Shadow Warriors            1843.87
#3    The Q Force                          1891.84
#2    Luck of the Irish                     1897.53
At #1 The perennial front runner and post-draft leader  The Prestige with  1959.05  points


8/12/2012 5:36 pm  #2

Re: Post draft rankings

While it's an interesting starting point, the bench will factor in as well during byes, covering injuries {minor} and even for some flexibility in situational matchups.  And of course my old favorite lady luck will still weave her spell from time to time as well


8/12/2012 5:40 pm  #3

Re: Post draft rankings

"That's why they play the games"

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8/12/2012 6:24 pm  #4

Re: Post draft rankings

Woo hoo!! Moved up five places already!!!!


8/13/2012 9:46 am  #5

Re: Post draft rankings

9th place, I jumped up 1 spot from the pre-draft rankings (10th place in the pre-draft rankings).

It's not bad, but it's an improvement.

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