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10/12/2012 7:51 am  #1


The subject says it all.  We should use this thread to keep track of all the rule changes we think should be made between seasons.  It will serve as a great reminder so we can concentrate on what really matters!  Winning!


10/12/2012 10:18 am  #2


Ok, well since it has been brought up for discussion, here are things I would suggest changing. These are just my opinions and I realize others may feel differently. Oh and I guess I'm new to the league and I prob don't have much room to suggest changes, haha.

- QBs aren't worth enough in this league. I would get rid of the +(-) points for completions and incompletions. Basically, you're weighing their completion percentage here and all qb's are above 60 and below 70, for the most part. So it's all a wash anyways. I believe that the TD/INT ratio is too harshly weighted against INTs. I believe it should be 4pts -2pts respectively. The current system too harshly penalizes INTs. Obviously the -2 pts for a sack is kinda bogus and isn't a fair representation for the QB. It involved the OL too much.
- If we are going to have kickoff and punt return yards and TDs, we should consider designating a starting roster spot for a return man specifically. Teams typically don't put a starting RB or WR as their returner for injury reasons. So either we try and start Isaiah Pead, Daryus Raynaud, etc. at the designated return spot, or we should just do away with return yards altogether. Hester is one of the few position players who actual return kicks, that I can think of. Cobb I guess too.
- Fumble recoveries should be scrapped because that has little to do with skill and being a good fantasy player and more to do with being lucky and just being in the right place at the right time.
- I do like the fact that this league is a PPR league. It definitely adds an element to the game, however, I believe the PPR should be .5 pts and not a whole point. WRs are over valued in this league and routinely score more than feature RBs and even QBs and it's all because they caught 8 passes which boosts their points not proportionately with other players. I think .5 pts still adds the PPR element, but doesnt overvalue WRs too much.
- Kickers....maybe we should consider missed FGs as a -.5? Just to have some penalty for a missed kick, but not a huge deduction?
- Also discussed has been sacks. I agree, they should be a point with the other point coming from the tackle.
- Forced fumbles vs. Fumble recoveries.....should a defensive player really be rewarded 7 total points for this play? One point for the tackle, 3 points for the forced fumble and an additional 3 points for recovering it? Oh, and if he happens to score on the play, 6 MORE points for a TD? 12 points for one play for a defender seems a bit extreme to me. I say we limit the fumble points to either the force OR the recovery and make it 2 points to equal that of a sack.
- should a pick 6 really equal 9 points? see fumble recoveries
- i also see that safeties are worth 2 points. In most cases a safety also involves a sack & tackle. So maybe that's ok and that's your 2 point bonus for a sack & tackle in their own endzone.

So far in the first few weeks of me being in this league, I feel that the points awarded for certain plays aren't proportional to points earned on other plays. QBs should theoretically score the most points. Each week, if you take the 10th ranked player for each position, QBs should score the most followed by RBs, WRs & TEs. The design for a PPR league is to bring the WRs and TEs up to the level of a RB thus making all position players roughly the same. Naturally, because of the amount of touches given to those positions, the points should be awarded that way.

In this league, I'll bet if you take the 10th player in each position, the point scales would be off because of things I've mentioned above.


10/12/2012 11:32 am  #3


I agree with everything above (including a possible return player spot or ditching the return system), except for changing the 1 point PPR. I think this league and the players we have chosen were built on that PPR system. Wes Welker would not be worth as much as he is, along with many other big-time players that we drafted because of the whole PPR point.

Secondly, I believe defensive touchdowns should only be 3-4 points, sacks should be 1 point (excluding tackle), along with QB touchdowns should be worth 6 points, like Wide Receivers and Running backs.


10/12/2012 11:33 am  #4


Forgot to mention the completion/incompletion points. I think these need to stay to reward high completion rate QBs


10/12/2012 3:48 pm  #5


I am going to think about this stuff carefully during the season. I am going to discuss it carefully during the off-season. Then, I am going to make up my mind and express my thoughtful opinion. I want to see how things play out.

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10/12/2012 6:30 pm  #6


The only thing I have in mind has already been talked about; QB's need to be more valued and should be scoring the most points week from week.

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10/15/2012 2:51 pm  #7


A couple of points here, FIRST: before any discussion of actual changes to the rules we need to discuss the mechanism of accepting those changes, how many votes are needed to institute such changes?  Simple majority, 2/3 or unanimous vote?  I would call attention to this article
as it very well encapsulates my thinking on the matter, a unanimous vote should be required for ANY scoring rules changes.  Specifically because some of us built our teams around the rules as they are now and wholesale changes such as suggested by Will would in my mind require a complete redraft in line with those rules.

I believe we should only change rules which are "flukey" {the fumbling scoring rule comes to mind}  The other rules are what makes this league unique, I follow different scoring rules in the 16 different leagues I play and as such have different strategies in all of them.  I don't want this league to change all the agreed upon scoring rules to more closely match other leagues.  I also don't want major scoring rules discussions every year because "this position" is more valuable and should get more points to reflect that kind of arguments, the nature of football is fluid and in different seasons positional values will change due to what happens in real football without any modifications to scoring rules by us.

As an example to my resistance to wholesale rules changes, let me examine Will's argument for a "designated return man", I say why?  If you planned ahead and realized the value of return yards you would see the "hidden value" of some players.  Look at my team for instance, Harvin, Cobb, Sproles, P Peterson, Amendola and Sanders were all drafted for their return skills as well as their positional skills so to say most returners aren't starters means you just aren't doing enough research into the players!

But I say again before any rules changes should be discussed, the mechanism for approval needs to be agreed upon first and I think all such changes should require a unanimous vote otherwise fundamental shifts in power can be made by a simple majority


10/15/2012 5:37 pm  #8


I agree with Dredd 100%. The vote to change any aspect of scoring should be unanimous. Remember, we had significant discussion regarding QB scoring prior to this season because QB's were scoring to much last year in relation to the other positions. Now, they aren't scoring enough for some people. If we are going to make changes, they should be changes that we ALL agree to, that way we won't be making changes frivolously.

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10/15/2012 5:42 pm  #9


I would like to agree with Dredd, I think about the only changes that will be made are the sack reduced to 2 to add the point for the tackle, and than the fumble recovery, but even these two rules will require a majority vote (which I am sure will happen). Other than that, everyone will get a chance to post up rule changes, however they will have to require a majority vote to get them changed over, due to the fact that people did put in hours of work on their draft strategy based upon these settings. I can tell everyone right now, the Quarterback IS the most important position in our league, they can make or break you just like in real football. RG3 this week put up 40 points, huge for his team, had his team overcome the #1 team in the league whose quarterback put up negative points. I dont think there is a position more important than the qb right now.

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10/15/2012 5:44 pm  #10


I meant unanimous on all the votes, not majority

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