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10/28/2012 11:34 am  #1

Interviews Week 8

Hey, Coach, thanks for coming to this interview and answering these questions.

This week is all about the numbers. So I'm going to ask that you pay close attention and take note of the stats, as "math doesn't lie."

Week 7 was a crucial-to-the-standings week. Many of the scratched in "W"'s and "L"'s set the pace for the playoff pyramid. The Q Force showed some vulernability, scoring only 120 points last week. Sun City and the Shadow Warriors both showed they still deserve a top spot in the standings despite their previous losses. Sun City scored 185 points, while the Warriors held last week's scoring high: 190.59 points.

That number brings up the most surprising score. The Galloping Ghosts scored 190 points last week - a season high; as previously, during their first 5 games, the Ghosts scored only 111-140 points each week.The team might have just turned their corner, with the help of free agency, and look to knock off the celebrating Wildcard, that just defeated the #1 ranked team in the league in a rather uncompetitive outing.
While the Ghosts are rejoicing to finally be a competitor in the "race", having a two win streak, The Wildcard has a four win streak. Neither team wants to fall out of the race, but someone has to. If the Ghosts win, they have a fighting chance to make it to the playoffs. The odds aren't against them this time, as Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers have been showing off the dynamic fire that John expected when he drafted them. With the high waiver priority, he also snatched up Reshad Jennings, who will once again be playing in place of MJD. For once, the Ghosts truly are galloping -- and not cantering.
Meanwhile, the Ghosts face a competitor that "understands" the Ghosts: Amber. Amber knows nearly everything about horses, so one would suspect she knows the weak points on this Trojan horse. Perhaps that's what the Ghosts have been all along...a Trojan horse, making opponents think less of them, depositing all of the top free agency waiver players into their roster, and bringing out the big guns halfway through the season. Now we know why they call him the, "Waiver Wire Bandit".
Amber has several big play players including Manning to Decker, Michael Turner, Adrian Peterson, and Tony Gonzalez. Fear this team you must, Trojan horse!

So the question is....

a) Who wins this matchup?

Rich: I think that the Ghosts are going to win again this week.

Dredd: I have to give the nod to my division-mate and say the Wildcard wins this week but I expect the Ghosts to make it a close contest.

Amber: Well, let's hope Wildcard haha

John: I think only 1 team will get there from my division & The hammys are not a lock despite their current record. This a terrible week for me to run into The Wildcard with the Broncos vs N.O. but this is a crucial game ( Jordy out would hurt badly ).

Mike: I think it will be close and could hinge on if Jordy Nelson plays.

Jessie: I simply cannot see John winning against Amber, who has several offensive weapons that are just getting hot. Anything's possible, though, and if Rashad Jennings lights it up and matches AP's performance, it's fair game from there.

Kordy: Amber wins this matchup the division is still up for grabs to whoever can get their team motivated and going.

b) Are the Ghosts going to be a challenge in the upcoming weeks?

Mike: The Ghosts seem to have turned things around and should prove a challenge in the upcoming weeks

Kordy: I don't think john will be a competitor in the future.

Amber: Of course Ghosts a challenge,just like every single team in this league.

Rich: I do not think that John was doing any kind of Trojan dog and pony show early on, he caught some unfortunate breaks. He and his team have recovered nicely.

Jeff: We really don't know much more about the Ghosts other than they did post 190 for 1 week, that's not enough for me to be too excited about them. Only the future will tell us if they will be competitors in the upcoming weeks.

Jessie: Yes, I consider any team that has a duo of a top 5 QB and his favorite receiver a huge threat, since they can put up tremendous amounts of points on big days.

Dredd: The Ghosts can be a challenge in the coming weeks but you never know when and where they will present a problem. Their QB play seems to have moved back to it's usual stellar level but two of their 3 receivers are feast or famine type players, unless both Young and Roberts have a feast on the same week it may be a struggle for the Ghosts to keep winning despite their improvements.

(John) Do you believe your team can still make it to the playoffs?
John: This week & Shane next week should determine my chances. Any stumble by any team in my division will hurt them. Very up & down year for my players. Aaron takes a bunch of sacks & then scores 40. . Vernon a monster then a goose egg. Looking for RB to step up but so is almost everyone. The strength at RB will determine this division ( Frank Gore the only stud RB in division ). I Still have a chance but need help to get there because NO one will run away with this division & all 4 of us could be spoilers going forward.

I'd like to talk about something I had been thinking about for weeks. Are the Q Force really that strong? They have had a rather easy schedule so far with the opposing teams scoring no more than 175 points in 6 of 7 games this year. The only resistance the Q Force had was the Prestige that scored an impressive 187 points. But The Q Force retaliated with 249 points. Mike just lost two games in a row, scoring 140 points in one, and 120 in the other. So truly, the Q Force is one big, inconsistent time bomb. They have shown that they can score 249 points in one game, but can they consistently put up 180+ points per game to proceed to the Big Game in the playoffs?

So the question is....

a) Is the Q Force the real deal? Are they slipping?

Jessie: Yes, they're the real deal. Mike is a very tough competitor, and he knows what he's doing. I believe that right now, he's being hit by the injury bug, just like nearly everyone else. His low scoring lately simply shows that he doesn't have an ideally strong bench. Who wins in this league could come down to who's built a strong bench and who hasn't. If the Q Force doesn't find some good replacements for his injured players, he could definitely lose hold of the top spot, as there are several eager teams licking their jaws at the chance of being "#1".

Rich: The Q-Force is the real deal and they are slipping.

Dredd: Yes, I think they are the "real deal" though they have run into tougher times of late

Kordy: Mike's not too tough; I already beat him, he just had an easier schedule.

Shane: I think the Q Force are one of the teams to beat. I don't seem them really slipping.

John: Three stud RBs , two big names at WR , A top TE & decent depth all over. Two nice young QBs(luck will be around a long time ) but I think that is his weak spot. That could change if Freeman breaks out & he has the guts to play him.  Injuries , Calvin disappearing & a couple of poor choices cost him the last 2 weeks.

Amber:  I think the Q Force is the real deal,just going threw a slump right now.

Mike: Of course my team is the real deal every team has a down week, but I've pulled out the wins when they matter and beaten the better teams in the league.

b) Is the Q Force the #1 team in the league?

Rich: At this point, I don't think there is a number one team in the league.

Mike: Of course I am.

Dredd: As far as being the #1 team in the league? No I don't think so, there are quite a few very good teams right now and as evidenced by the fact that 4 teams share the best record at 5-2 I would think there is no clear cut #1 team at this time.

Jessie: Right now, yes. Though that will change soon if he's team continues to play as it has.

Amber: Well, he sure does got a lot of talent..that seems to say so.

Shane:  I think the Q Force is the #1 team in the league.

Jeff: I don't believe the Q Force are the #1 team in the league. I would not want to play them again, as he is one of my 2 losses, by 4 points.

John: Near the top. If everyone plays as big as their Names.

c) Would you swap your team for Mike's?

Amber: Of course not, I trust my game in the hands of my players, would't trade them away for a whole new team, no way.

Jeff: I would not swap my team for Mikes, as I believe my team is pretty strong.

Jessie: Nope. I've built my team to be able to withstand the regular season and destroy in the playoffs.

John: Can I keep my QB ?? Would love the 3 RBs right now I have none!

Shane:  Is this a trick question? Most likely I would.

Rich: I like my team. No, I would not swap the Lorikeets for anyone else's team. This has been the most interesting and promising and frustrating challenge, and I enjoy it immensely.

Dredd: Never. My boys are hard working and loyal, and I would stack them up against any team in the league.

Mike: I know I wouldn't even consider switching my team for anyone else's and would trade any of my other 3 teams from my other leagues for this one.

d) Will the Lorikeets chuck the Q Force over the cliff this week?

Kordy: Rich should be able to pull out the win.

Jeff: I don't see Rich beating them this weekend. It will be nice, however, to have 1 of the 5 teams that are currently 5-2 drop a game as the Prestige play the Hamlinators this weekend as well. I see the other 3 teams getting a win though, which gives a pretty big tie for the 1st place in the league.

Rich:  I have not got a clue! It depends on which Q-Force and which Lorikeets show up.

John: Doubtful BUT could happen ? where is Calvin ? ? Trent's ribs ?

Dredd: Call me crazy but this could very well be another surprise week for the Lorikeets, The Q Force has a banged up and underperforming RB in this week along with a superstar WR who hasn't lived up to his reputation this year and I don't see them collectively having a very good game this week, that should open the door for the Lorikeets to pull off an upset.

Jessie: I'm going to abstain from answering that, because Rich could pull off another close one as Mike's team puts up another low number, or Mike could explode.....in my face.

Mike: He has a chance just like everyone else, there is a reason we play the games every week, but like every week prior I am confident I will win

Amber: Rich has a good team..with Mike's team going through a slump..it's possible.

Shane:  I don't think so. They'll put up a good challenge, but I think Mike will withstand it.

(Mike) What's your explanation for such performances, and how do you plan on improving?
Mike:  Everyone will have a down week every now and again but i'll look for my players to perform like they usually do and I won't have any problems, my defense and kicker have played poorly the past few weeks and not up to what they did at the start of the year but I believe they will pick it up soon and i have the utmost confidence that my offense will perform like they should and not like they did the past 2 weeks.

We all have to make difficult decisions each week involving the starting and benching of players. Whether that decision is delayed by injuries, by inconsistent performances, or by opinion;
it can leave a sour taste in one's mouth when one loses by a mere 5 or so points that the player would've delivered.

So the question is....
(courtesy of Rich)

a) What was the most difficult personnel decision you had to make this week?

Rich: Is it time to give up on Michael Floyd? In a redraft league, I would have dropped him after week two, but all the reports are that the Cardinals really like him and expect him to be a star. So, I am gonna hang on a bit longer. How many available rookies have shown more potential? None that I see at the moment.

Dredd: Actually my toughest decision this week was who to start at QB. Christian has been struggling a bit in the past couple of weeks while Michael has begun to work out of his early season woes. In the end we decided to roll with Christian and are hoping for a big performance on Thursday I'm sure by the time this is published folks will know if we made the right choice or not!

Shane: Having to shelve Sean Lee. As a Cowboys fan, it hurts to see the heart of the defense go out. I'm confident he'll be racking up the the points (and the tackles) next year.

Kordy: My toughest decision was whether I should place Nurleson on IR or let him go.

Jessie: I don't usually have tough decisions, since my team is in a pattern now of who I'll start and sit. If someone gets injured, I have another to back him up, so I'm prepared all around.

John: This Week. Didn't make it yet ! Does Jordy play ?

Amber: To be honest, I really didn't have any close ones.. Now last week, was a different story, 'cause I had a lot of my players on bye haha

Mike: Deciding between Luck and Freeman has been difficult all year and it's hard to bench Freeman this week after he's had 2 straight huge games but I'm choosing to go with Luck this week but 1 more big game from Freeman and I don't think I'll have to put much thought into it next week.

Jeff: My biggest lineup decision this week is whether to start Henderson or Floyd this weekend in my flex position. I feel a win won't be too difficult this weekend, I don't feel I am playing a team that will really challenge me, so I don't feel the decision really has to be the right one for me to win.

Thank you guys for your time answering the questions and reading this. I truly appreciate how cooperative everyone is regarding the questions; it makes for a prompt delivery of this every week.
Also, if you see any errors, go ahead and tell me, and I'll fix 'em up right away. I just realized that Kordy's name is spelled with a K and not a C.  Sorry about that. I know someone with the name "Cordy". Thank you to Rich for sending in questions this past week to add a broader range of questions. If you have questionsyou would like to be answered, send me a PM with them, and I'll integrate them into the upcoming articles.


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Re: Interviews Week 8

Great work again Jessie, another week of good reading of the coaches feedback!


10/28/2012 10:45 pm  #3

Re: Interviews Week 8

Excellent! All the way around, good questions, good answers! Excellent!

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