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12/03/2012 6:20 pm  #1

Just Curious

Just curious to know whether or not people understood the 1st trade deadline poll we had.  If you did vote yes if not vote no.  This will help me when making future polls to know if I need to watch my wording.

Did you understand the 1st trade deadline poll?

The answer to the question never asked is always NO.

12/03/2012 6:25 pm  #2

Re: Just Curious

Is there a third option.... ;)


12/03/2012 6:31 pm  #3

Re: Just Curious

the problem was ...there was two different questions ...and for me personaly had two different answers!....I said that in the first poll!

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Second is just the first loser!

1/03/2013 7:53 am  #4

Re: Just Curious

Should Championship week be week # 16 ?


1/03/2013 11:33 am  #5

Re: Just Curious

I like it the way it is.

Lorikeets 2013 8-6 1st Place Division 4
Lorikeets 2012 6-8 3rd Place Division 4
Does it matter which lemming is the leader?

1/03/2013 1:21 pm  #6

Re: Just Curious

I think it should be week 16, though I wouldn't go all Chico Peyote about it... :-P


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