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12/03/2012 9:29 pm  #1

Something to think about in the future...

I would like to point out...that you need at least 24/48hours for a vote if you are having one, as people like myself are 12/13hours different to the USA, and so, sometimes you all have a vote, decide things, and then when I wake up, I either don't get a vote, or find out something has happened already, like the trading deadline...can we please just clear this up in the future so we all get a fair chance to vote, especially if we don't live in the US.

Sorry for the rant, just what i have observed regarding this...

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12/03/2012 9:31 pm  #2

Re: Something to think about in the future...

Votes have always run for a week or so, the previous votes about the trade deadline were up for at least a week and there was even begging on the NFL.com forum to get people to vote.  So you shouldn't have to worry about sleeping through a vote!


12/03/2012 9:33 pm  #3

Re: Something to think about in the future...

None of these recent polls effect anything really, provided that is what your talking about.  The trade deadline matter was already decided a while ago in a poll that had all 16 members vote.

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12/03/2012 9:34 pm  #4

Re: Something to think about in the future...

actually this was already voted upon before you got here capn, but we had to redo it due to the wording, I guess..........In any regard I knew how the outcome would be wether you voted or not because of how it turned out last time.

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12/03/2012 9:51 pm  #5

Re: Something to think about in the future...

Ok cheers guys, just wanted to clear that up and put my view out there.

I did kinda realise there was a vote (from before i got here), so just wanted to put everything on the table and clear it up

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