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12/10/2012 5:44 pm  #1

Interviews Week 14

Q1: A whole season has passed now, and we've gotten to know each others' strength's and weaknesses in this recreational business.
At the beginning of the year, we all probably made mental assumptions as to how each team would fare, but as the season quickly passed by, some teams trudged through gloomy, snowed down days, while others road a rainbow to the pot of gold. Despite our rocky or smooth journeys, it all truly starts here in the playoffs. This is the time where the cold tries to leach the heat from us, and snow will try to trap us indoors. Some seemingly crazy trades earlier in the year don't seem so crazy now that that year-long injured player, or that stiff rookie, comes off the bench to lay us some golden eggs.
The sum of this is that all of us have made some moves that stays in the history books.
What move by another owner has had you brand them with an award? Awards aren't always good (if I may remind you of a greatly-loved weekly award) as the Snickers Hunger "award" teaches us.

So the question is....
a) If you could give an award to another owner, what award would it be and why?

KC: Better than expected award goes to Rich!

Amber:  I would award Amber an award for the Best turnaround since the worst start.

Jeff: My award would go to Rich, as he puts together his Rookie team, almost like an inaugural team walking into an experienced league and trying to find success, He's had more than most thought he would, So I would give him the Inaugural Award.

Jessie: I'd give Dredd an award for keeping his team together despite some devastating injuries dealt to his lineup.

Amber:  I'll one to KC, for a great come back..his team has always put him the points..but they lost some early games..

John:  I would give Amber the " Listen to your heart award " for taking Peyton with pick # 13 while a lot of people questioned if he would ever be the same.

Dredd: I try not to form opinions without knowing anyone, but rather judge folks based on how events unfold. To that end I'd give the "Rodney Dangerfield Award" to Ben & the Harrow Jokers as he seems to be constantly expected to lose and yet manages a win despite everyone's expectations and is a heartbeat away from the playoffs.

Rich:  Nothing can top the Bilco. That was a move that will live on and become legend in this league and others. Every time that I receive a ridiculous trade offer, I feel like someone is trying to Bilco me. Julio for Burleson, give me a break...

Shane: Revolving Door Award - Given to The Captain's Colts for having it's 3RD different owner this season.

Q2: Rookies, rookies, rookies... or as in the game world they're called, noobs, noobs, noobs...
You gotta love 'em, right? I mean, there's always a Doug Martin that seems to have fumes following him every run play; there's always a Mikel Leshoure that gets a lot of hype, gets injured before the season starts, gets more hype as his second chance rolls around, and one of us takes a risk with to find that he is capable of a 100 yard game; there's always a Bilal Powell that, along with his owners, rides a rollercoaster the entire year: plays a good game, gets picked up, benched, and dropped, plays a good game, gets picked up, an unattractive wall of Shonn Greene stands in the way, he gets benched, dropped, and....someone decides to hold onto him for the future.
Of course, in a perfect world, our rookies are all Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, Alfred Morris, Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, T.Y. Hilton, and Luke Kuechly.
No mess-ups allowed.
But...this isn't a perfect world.

So the question is....
a) Name your all-rookie team.

KC: RG3,Martin,Morris,Hilton,Wright,Allen,Zuerlein,Jones,Kuechly,Haden

Ben: QB - Luck, RB - Morris & Martin, WR - Hilton, Blackmon & Shorts, TE - Fleener, K - Tucker, DL - Jones (NE), LB - Kuechly, DB - Jenkins (STL)

Jeff: I don't really have many if any rookies on my team, I normally try to get more experienced players on my team where I know what to expect, but you might ask this question next year since I have 2 first round draft picks.

Amber: in this league, I don't have any.

John: All Rookies - Luck QB , Alfred Morris & Doug Martin RBs , T-Rich Flex
Kendall Wright , T.Y. Hilton , Chris Givens WRs , Dwayne Allen TE ,

Dredd: Robert Griffin III, Doug Martin, Josh Gordon, Dwayne Allen, Blair Walsh, Chandler Jones, Luke Kuechly, Janoris Jenkins

Rich: RGIII, Morris, Martin, Hylton, Gordon, Wright, Allen, Forbath, Irwin, Kuechly, Claiborne (I have four of them!)

Shane: North Wilkesboro Hamlinators' All-Rookie Team
QB: Andrew Luck
RB: Doug Martin, Alfred Morris
WR: T.Y. Hilton, Stephen Hill
TE: None?

Jessie: I'm doing this off the top of my head: QB - Andrew Luck, RB - Alfred Morris, Doug Martin, WR - T.Y. Hilton, Chris Givens, TE - Coby Fleener, Defense: Luke Kuechly, Vontaze Burfict

b) Who is your biggest "mess-up" rookie this year?

Ben: My biggest rookie mistake was not taking Martin when he was offerd to me by The Mushroom Kid before he left. I didnt really think he was going to be that good, so I passed on him!

Amber: Not in this league,but in my other one.. Blackmon.

John: They are all Rookies. No real mess ups just unfulfilled potential . The mess up of the year is
Titus Young but he isn't a rookie.

Shane: Uh...I'm not sure...

Rich: Brian Quick

Jessie: Ryan Lindley, maybe.

Q3: Can Carlos get in? That's the big question this week. He has to move a practically immovable wall that scored 219 points the previous week....can he do it?

So the question is....
a) Who wins this game?

KC: I think Carlos is just in too much of a hole and will lose this week

Ben: I'd like to think hes left it tooo late, and has too hard an opponent this week........ but then I do have an ulterior motive!

Jeff: I'm hoping Mike wins this one to keep Carlos out of the playoffs and get me a better first round draft pick, as I have Carlos's #1

Amber:  It will be hard,but if he still has a slim chance. But I think Q force will take that game.

John: NO , He would need a win & a Joker loss , Both won't happen.

Dredd: No, with Carlos having to win which I don't think he will AND Harrow Jokers having to lose possible but probably not , I don't see Luck of the Irish making the playoffs

Rich: Carlos gets in.

Shane: Carlos wins.

Jessie: Tough one here. I'd like to see Carlos get in.

Q4: The Galloping Ghosts @ The Captain's Colts
Tomayto, Tomahto here. Who climbs a little farther out of the toilet bowl?

So the question is....
a) Who wins this game?

KC: the Ghosts have been struggling latly and has many questionable players so I think the captains going to take this one

Ben: Its close but I think the Ghosts just steal this one, but it could be less then a TD between them....

Jeff: I'm going with the week 1 results here and am giving it to the Captain Colts

Amber: I think the Captain will take this game.

John:  I've been swimming in the toilet all year long.

Dredd: This one is close enough that the game could go either way but I'll give a slight edge to the Captain's Colts if for no other reason they appear to be healthier right now.

Rich: Ghosts win.

Shane: Ghosts gallop to a victory.

Jessie: The Ghosts.

Q5: The idea of a fantasy football alliance flew out the door with Anthony getting the boot earlier in the year. He could fittingly have been called the fantasy (<---key word here) "hitman", "Mr. Sabotage", or "L'espionnage de Maître" (The espionage or spy master).
Answer in no serious matter.

So the question is....
a) You are told that a Fantasy Cold War is approaching...who do you ally yourself with?
(e.g. I'd ally with Jessie, because she has bad breath and would scare everyone away; not really, but someone had to be the stinky example!)

KC: I would have to say Mike he is the proven champ last year and is on track to fight for one this year..

Ben: It's a toss up between either of the "Force" boys...... both have really nice squads that would make a dream team if combined with the Jokers star players!

Amber: hm..i'd be between 3 people... Mike,because he has a great team, Jessie,because I trust her,and KC would be there to help.

Rich: He has character, integrity, wisdom (and I can hide behind his spare cases of Depends!)

Shane: I'm not sure, but I think it'd be best to ally with trustworthy people maybe like Jessie, Amber or Mike.

Dredd: well the best way to win a war is to control the air and if not able to do that at least know what your enemy is up to, so I'd ally with Rich and the Lorikeets as they could survey the air and warn of danger miles away, then strategically "mark" the incoming targets for easy disposal!

John: Blood is thicker than water. I'll take Mike, after all he is last year's champ & I believe he will repeat & as scary as it sounds he may repeat & repeat & repeat.

Jessie:Definitely Amber. The rest is up to others.


12/10/2012 5:55 pm  #2

Re: Interviews Week 14

Great job as always Jessie, I forgot to send mine this week lol, but allow me to answer the last question now.  If I had to pick any person to team with I'd pick Captain.(not basing this off current teams lol)

The answer to the question never asked is always NO.

12/10/2012 6:04 pm  #3

Re: Interviews Week 14

A fun read and great work again Jessie, thanks


12/10/2012 6:45 pm  #4

Re: Interviews Week 14

beagle142 wrote:

Q4: The Galloping Ghosts @ The Captain's Colts
Tomayto, Tomahto here. Who climbs a little farther out of the toilet bowl?

Ben: Its close but I think the Ghosts just steal this one, but it could be less then a TD between them....

Well I was close on the scores unless Lloyd has a stormer tonight, just got the result the wrong way round!


12/10/2012 6:45 pm  #5

Re: Interviews Week 14

Another great round of questions Jessie. Makes me wonder what kind of questions will see for Week 15 and having the playoffs starting up.

"Many people ask me why I always sign off ''til we meet again'; because goodbye is always so final." ~ Marty Reid

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up." ~ Jim Valvano

12/10/2012 7:55 pm  #6

Re: Interviews Week 14

Sorry I missed out on this, and i'd have to say Mike and Rich in answer to the last question, a quality duo!!

The Captain is here!

12/10/2012 8:49 pm  #7

Re: Interviews Week 14

Excellent work, as always! Terrific questions and interesting answers. Regarding the last question, you said pick one so I picked John, but the Lorikeets would be honored to fly interference for any of you. This is truly a wonderful group of people. Thank you all for a great season!

Lorikeets 2013 8-6 1st Place Division 4
Lorikeets 2012 6-8 3rd Place Division 4
Does it matter which lemming is the leader?

12/10/2012 9:12 pm  #8

Re: Interviews Week 14

Always a great read Jessie.


12/10/2012 11:36 pm  #9

Re: Interviews Week 14

another great week Jess......thanks again for doing this!

Second is just the first loser!

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