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12/20/2012 3:46 pm  #1

Interviews Week 15 Playoffs

Q1: We've had the top teams pick their opponents, and we've seen the Thursday night game. You may have gotten a preview of where your team stands this weekend. But what I, myself, and others want to know is where your confidence level is. President Theodore Roosevelt did say, "Believe you can and you're halfway there," and who am I to deny the former President's words?

So the question is....
a) What advantage do you have over your playoff opponent?

KC:  I have the advantage over Jess because Matt Ryan is great at home and Eli has strugled in ATL..so Cruz will also have a slow day & my RBs have great matchups this week...so yes I do think I win this game!

John: I got a good start Thursday. I think I could surprise him & win this week.

Amber: Jeff has lost 3 games in a row, a couple of his guys went on IR.

Ben:  I'm gonna stick to the obvious. In my opinion a solid score is based on a good performance from your QB. In this match up I'm sure everyone would prefer to have Brees then Henne. Hopefully win or lose Drew will continue to put up a reasonable fantasy score.

Shane: I think I have the advantage over Mike with my 3 WR's. They all have game-breaking capabilities.

Rich:  My team is young and healthy which should be an advantage. They are also in a place in the season that they have not experienced before, 14 games is certainly longer than any collegiate season, which may be a disadvantage.

Mike: My advantage is the fact that my team is the best in the league nice and simple.

Dredd: Actually I wouldn't say that either team in my matchup has a marked advantage, we're both coming in rather dinged from the wear and tear of the regular season. I would give the nod to the Jokers at the QB and TE positions for this game, but feel very good about my own corps of RB's and the damage they can cause on the field this weekend.

Jeff: I am just hoping my team has a big day, (amber having an off day would help too). I would like to get through at least 1 playoff game, and it would be insane for the #8 seed to put out the #1 seed, but thats my teams goal.

b) Do you believe you will win this game?

Amber: I sure hope so haha.

Shane: Maybe after I pray and say "Hail Mary" a couple hundred times over I will. I have a steep mountain to climb.

Rich: I do not know what to believe. I hope it is close.

Mike: Easily.

Dredd: as far as who wins this weekend, if it were some other team but the Jokers I might offer an opinion but in this case I will simply say that I expect a very hard fought close game. The very fact that none of the teams above us "chose" to play against us means that though we both may be wounded right now, we can both be very dangerous, whichever of our teams wins can cause havoc in the rest of the playoffs.

Jeff: I believe Amber will beat me, but I still got faith, in Coach Cool Dude, and our Sun City, I believe Amber could easily be in the Championship

Q2: The Wildcard @ Sun City
From what I saw on Thursday, it would seem as though Jeff isn't going down easily. Jeff drew first blood with 29.30 points on the scoreboard. Gresham had a six-catch game, while Riley Cooper (yep, that guy) caught three passes for 20 yards and a touchdown.
Don't think for a second that Amber's team won't be as explosive on gameday. I highlighted Stokley and Woodyard when inspecting this matchup. If Stokley can catch even a few catches, he could greatly sway the result of this game. Wesley Woodyard is the gamechanger here. The Wildcard had great withdrawals from having no Woodyard last week. Well, the cure has come around and guess what it is? Woodyard. He will most likely play against the Ravens in week 15, and, hopefully, in full form.

So the question is....
a) Who wins this game?

KC: Amber gets this win all the way!...Jeff has to many injuries now and don't think he has enough

Ben: As strong a start as Jeff has had I think Amber's team will be too strong. Just looking at her players on a head to head I think her players are stronger in every position.

Dredd: while Sun City did indeed get off to a hot start I still think that my division mate The Wildcard will turn it on and finish off the game victorious.

John: The Wildcard wins.

Shane: The WildCard will get their act together and stampede to victory.

Rich: Jeff started fast, but I believe that his boys will fade.

Mike: I'll give it to Amber though i'd prefer to see Jeff pull off the win

Amber:  I think my team has a good chance of winning this

b) Do you think the winner will make it to the Championship?

KC:  I don't think Amber will have enough fire power to make it to the championship game!

Ben: I'm gonna have a standard answer for all the match ups here because its gonna depend on who the next round opponent is. Although I'm gonna agree with KCs assessment of Jeff being one and done, it all depends on who Amber picks in the next round.

Dredd: making it all the way to the championship is a tough call to make as we have to see who makes it to the next round of the playoffs and if anyone has suffered any key injuries, that being said I'm not sure that I have a great deal of confidence that the eventual champion comes from this matchup.

John: I don't think they will go all the way. Each position has a great player but ONLY 1 . She rides Peyton , AP , Tony G , & Colston. a down game from 2 of those at the same time will hurt exposing depth & defense has already bailed them out this year.

Shane: I have Amber vs. Mike for it all, so yeah.

Rich: Amber will win this and make it to the final.

Mike: It all depends if Jeff wins the answer is very simple but if Amber wins it will depend on who she chooses to play next

Amber: It could.

Q3: Shadow Warriors @ Harrow Jokers
Can the gashed-with-injuries Warriors beat the up-and-coming Jokers?
The one-time hotshot Clay Harbor was accounted for three 10-yard average catches...and a fumble. So the Thursday total? Three points, flat. Maybe Dredd is playing mind games on Ben, or maybe he hasn't decided yet, but his WR#3 slot has not been filled. Expect to see Doug Martin morph into a tow truck running all over the Saints defense as he pleases. The gamechanger is whether the Warriors can decide on the better and superior quarterback in week 15.
As for Ben's team, I have one thing to say...Whoa, Danario Alexander. Whoa. Keep the performance of Steve Smith and Danario Alexender up in the skies like they have been, and the Jokers could fight their way fairly far into the playoffs.

So the question is....
a) Who wins this game?

KC:  I give this one to Ben I think with his recent trades his team is much better and Dredd's *mash unit* is just not enough to over come this one!

Ben: Said it before, I always believe in my team. I'm hoping not to disappoint!

Dredd: Well the good news is it sounds like Cecil will be able to play, and we just got some late breaking news that we'll be able to lean heavily on David Wilson so he'll be starting in place of Ballard this week. As I noted previously either team can win the game and I'll simply state that we intend to give the Jokers all they can handle in our rematch of the first loss we suffered in the regular season.

John: The Jokers win.

Shane: Warriors sneak past with a victory.

Amber: I think Shadow Warriors takes this game.

Rich: I think that the Warriors are the better team, but I have learned to never pick against the Jokers. Who wins? I have no idea.

Mike: I'll say the Jokers pull out a win

b) Do you think the winner will make it to the Championship?

KC: Ben has a good chance of making it all the way

Ben:  I'd like to think that I'd have a chance at the title, and anything can happen so why not.

Dredd: as [said] above, making it to the championship is tough but whichever of us wins has a decent shot to make the championship game

John: [The Jokers] could be the surprise team of the play-offs. Big Late season trades.

Shane: No, their run will end to The WildCard.

Amber: Lets hope not haha

Rich: I doubt that either will make it to the championship game.

Mike: He has the potential to get there but will again depend on who Amber chooses.

Q4: Down Force @ The Prestige
Thursday's game yielded nothing for the Prestige and 17.70 points to the Down Force. This all comes down to the Giants @ Falcons Sunday morning. Roddy White better play, because Kris Durham isn't exactly amazing. For the Prestige, the gamechanger is whether RG3 plays, and whether Garcon can still kick butt with Karon Cousins.

So the question is....
a) Who wins this game?

KC: refer to Q1....lol..

Ben: Projections aren't normally worth paying attention to, but in this weeks match up I think it's pretty accurate. And any team with Foster has a huge chance of putting up big points. KC is my tip for this week.

Dredd: I'm afraid that the handwriting is on the wall already on this one. The opening salvo on Thursday doesn't bode well for the Prestige, I see Down Force as the winner.

Amber: I think The Prestige will win this one, her team put whooped mine last week lol

Rich: Prestige win this one, but only by a hair.

Shane: DOWN FORCE pulls out a close victory.

Mike: I'm gonna say Jessie sneaks out a win

John: The Downforce should win & your right the Giant / Falcon QB /WR Combos could make a difference.

b) Do you think the winner will make it to the Championship?

KC: I do believe I have a good chance of making it to the big game!

Ben: I've said for a while that KC is probably the player to fear this year, if he gets through then he should be a lock for the Championship game. Depending on who Jessie picks if she gets through she must be feared as well.

Dredd: I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the winner of this game in the championship this year.

Amber: it could..but lets hope not.

Rich: Yep, it will be an all girl final as far as I can tell.

Shane: No, Mike will handle his business and advance in the next round.

KC: They could go all the way but need to hope the Falcons & Texans don't " REST " players week # 17

Mike: I don't think so but will once again come down to Amber's choice.

Q5: Hamlinators @ The Q Force
This is one of the most interesting games this week. It all depends on whether or not the Q Force has a 'down day' or an 'up day'. We've seen entry points of weakness for the Q Force rarely, but, rest-assuredly, we have. Of course, as I say this DeMeco Ryans continues to impress with 9.50 points, racking up 9 tackles and a deflected pass. Don't forget, Darren McFadden has nearly returned to the Q Force. Shane's only hope? Dropping one of those defensive players for a WR or TE on the waiver wire. Try to find a one-hit-miss player, because The Hamlinators need a homerun or they may be heading home.

So the question is....
a) Who wins this game?

KC: Q force wins with no prob!

Ben: Q Force will have an "on" day and I can't see anything more then a resounding victory for him this week, sorry Shane.

Dredd: I think the Q Force will manage to keep their focus and defeat the Hamlinators here

Mike: I will win.

Shane: I want to say me, but because I already said Mike's going to the championship, I can't stick behind my bravado.

Rich: Q-Force win this one easily but Mcfadden won't help.

Amber: Q Force should take this game. He has a very strong team,and rarely has a down day.

John: The Q force should win. RB is the Hammy's biggest weak spot. While it seems that the only decisions the Q-Force ever needs to make is at QB. With the injury bug ending he has more match-up proof starts than anyone. Must Starts : Ray Rice , T - Rich, Run Dmc (flex) , Calvin , Nicks , Welker. If they all play decent then he wins.

b) Do you think the winner will make it to the Championship?

KC: [Mike] has a very good chance of making it to the championship game

Ben: Again it depends who he picks, or gets in the next round.

Dredd: again this game has a good chance of producing one of the teams that makes it to the championship game.

Mike: Not only will I make it to the championship, i'll win it too

Shane: Yes, Mike should get there.

Rich:  I don't think that Mike's boys make the final.

Amber: let's hope not..

So the question is....
a) Who wins the Consolation Championship and the title of 9th place?

KC: I think it will be Carlos his team has started to finally play they just waited to long to really get going.

Ben: Having looked at the teams and match ups, I'm picking Luck of the Irish as Consolation Cup winners.

Dredd Tough to say for sure as the competition will be tight but I'll give the nod to the Ice Penguins taking home the consolation trophy:

Mike: I'm gonna say Carlos wins it

Rich: Irish Carlos is number 9. The Celtic Toreadors make the top eight next season!

Shane:  Irish eyes will be smiling upon the Luck of the Irish as they find the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow and they'll riverdance to victory.

John: Anyone could win this.

Four of the most competitive teams in the league face off this week to determine the two final challengers for the deemed title of Champion.
Who do you think will be the last breathing on the battlefield?

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What two teams will face off in the Championship?


12/21/2012 6:40 am  #2

Re: Interviews Week 15 Playoffs

great stuff again Jessie, thanks for all the work you put into these!


12/21/2012 4:01 pm  #3

Re: Interviews Week 15 Playoffs

Awesome! Thank you, very much!

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12/22/2012 8:08 pm  #4

Re: Interviews Week 15 Playoffs

Another good round of questions Jessie. Wonder how this weeks' questions will be shaped up.

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12/30/2012 11:46 pm  #5

Re: Interviews Week 15 Playoffs

John: [The Jokers] could be the surprise team of the play-offs. Big Late season trades.

One of the few things I got right this year !  Congratulations Ben & The Champion Harrow Jokers.

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12/31/2012 8:54 pm  #6

Re: Interviews Week 15 Playoffs

Everyone picked Carlos...could no one see that Zach Brown would put up 40? I sure couldn't...

Lorikeets 2013 8-6 1st Place Division 4
Lorikeets 2012 6-8 3rd Place Division 4
Does it matter which lemming is the leader?

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