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11/07/2013 6:54 am  #1

Trade Deadline

I know this discussion was started and we didn't really get to a definitive decision.  Last years trade deadline was the night before Our playoffs started, and I would suggest that this be the same again, and we can look at having a discussion regarding whether there is a need for one at all in the summer/off season.  My view is that as we did not change this rule in the last off season, we should continue with the same settings/rules as last year.  Our play offs begin Week 15, so I would suggest that the trade deadline should be the day before Week 15 officially starts, which would be December 11th.  This now gives everyone just over one months notice, and as of the 11th I will lock the trade facility until after the play offs.  You can negotiate trades until this point, but no trades can be actioned until after this.  I would ask that you give a week or so after our league has finished to move everything back to Flea Flicker for the off season.

If anyone has any issues regarding this, please let me know.  Please also let me know if you think there are any other rule changes or alterations you think we should discuss for the off season.


11/08/2013 7:28 pm  #2

Re: Trade Deadline

I'm fine with the trade deadline before the playoffs as it was last year and then with re-opening trades in the offseason sometime.  In the future I would lobby for a trade deadline after week 9 or 10 to more closely mirror the NFL trade deadline but as you say we can review that in the offseason


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