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10/05/2012 3:43 pm  #11

Re: To Think About

What disturbed me:
1. we admitted someone with little experience or knowledge
2. we gave them no guidance (he based a trade on NFL.com projections which we all know are crap
3. one of us was perfectly willing to take advantage of his obvious ignorance
4, not much of the discussion was unemotional
5. we booted the person after only five hours of deliberation and thought
6. we booted the person whose only mistake was ignorance
7. we kept the other person, if the trade was sufficiently bad to boot one, then we should have booted both
8. we never considered an option of letting the trade stand and educating both parties re ignorance and ethics
9. this is a dynasty league and we only considered the trade on its immediate impact and value
10. when the booted party was replaced, his replacement was immediately bombarded with a host of trades - were we trying to rip off the new guy
11. the decision to boot the one and let the other off unscathed was made without consulting the rest of the owners

I went back and looked at all of the trades that I have made. I traded Pead and a 7th for Starks and a 3rd. I was criticized. Looking back on it now, only weeks later, neither player has done anything so I moved up 4 rounds for free. It seems to me that judging the relative value of two sides of a trade and booting ONE member in 5 hours is not the best way to proceed. What disturbs me the most is that I am not at all sure that, collectively, we have learned anything.

One last thing, and this is important. Do NOT interpret this to mean that I think we should get rid of KC. On the contrary, KC is a valuable member of the group. He is active and he is the catalyst for activity in many others. His knowledge is extensive and he is a good friend and a good competitor. Do I think that he took advantage of the newbie? Yes. Do I think that was a mistake? Yes. Do I think that he realizes that winning by screwing ignorant people is not good for him or the league? Yes. Is it possible that KC made a really bad deal, that Julio could be injured and out of the league by the end of the season, that the pick that the newbie got could be the next Arian Foster? Yes, it is possible. This is a dynasty league. We all expect to be here for a long time. Hasty judgements are probably a mistake.

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