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Interviews Week 7

Hey, Coach, thanks for coming to this interview. Week 6 was a crazy one, wasn't it?
I don't expect Week 7 to be much different. Several key players are on bye weeks, and injuries drown others.
John received his first win, while Mike received his first loss. This Week, though, no one will be "receiving" wins, but they must gain every single foothold possible to defeat the other.

Q1: I'd like to talk about the Ice Penguins, a team with not much publicity - one that has not been given much credit - and one that is less than a point from hitting the 1,000 point mark. This team also sits smack in the middle of the pack at rank #8. Gert-Jan recently traded away star Quarterback Drew Brees along with Wide Receiver Jeremy Kerley and a 7th round pick for Ben Roethlisberger, All-Pro Receiver Larry Fitzgerald, and a 3rd round pick. He now possesses the Receiver power he needed, and with Spiller and LeSean McCoy as his starting Runningbacks, his newly molded team looks a little dangerous. Roethlisberger is no slouch, and with a running game, he can probably make the most of his opportunities passing. The weak spot of the Penguins is their defense. Aside from Ronde Barber, the D lacks explosiveness and big play ability. All in all, if Gert can assemble a better D, he can most certainly contend for the RZP playoffs.

The Jokers, have five players on their bench this week, making them a little softer. Their WR core is neat, but unless Felix Jones repeats last week's performance, the Jokers will be in trouble at running back.
The real question here is if Gert was planning as far ahead as picking up Roethlisberger appears. One of the Jokers strong points is Heath Miller, who, of course, is being thrown to by none other than Big Ben. That being said, the Jokers will need to find another way to win.

So, the question is....

(Ben) How do you plan on winning, and what are your thoughts on the smooth move of Gert-Jan to snatch Roethlisberger, the QB of your TE?

Ben: I plan on winning by having my players score more points then my opponents! Its an age old tactic, but its simply the best! As for Gerts pick up of Big Ben, it just shows how much respect he has for me as a manager by finding a player with the same name as me.......!!

(Gert-Jan) Were you truly thinking about the Roethlisberger-Heath Miller connection when you traded for him? Was it a move to win the game between you and Ben? How do you plan on handling this week's game?

Gert-Jan: I was not necessarily thinking of this week's game when I made that trade but more long term. I needed another WR stud on my team alongside Marshall so I traded away Brees. I like Big Ben because he has a superb WR/TE corps to throw to. I'm handling this week's game as every other game, trying to put as much points on the board as possible.

a) Who's wins this matchup?

Gert-Jan: Ice Penguins, who else

KC: I think Gert takes this game this week with the bye issues Ben has.

Kordy: Gert-Jan wins.

Jeff: I see Jan winning this matchup and being a pretty powerful team, I still wouldnt take back my deal with Jan, as I feel I really strengthened my team with that deal. Drew Brees will be a huge competitor for years to come, and I got Kerley as well, I feel like for the next numerous years it will be Hill and Kerley as the starting wrs for the Jets, I dont see them bringing back Holmes, I like Kerleys numbers and feel he will be a solid contributor for years to come.

Dredd: At this point the Jokers are in a bit of a free fall and I don't see them righting the ship against the improving Ice Penguins.

Rich:  I expect the Ice Penguins to swim to victory in this one. The joke this week is on the Jokers.

Ben: Well obviously I'm gonna back my boys to bring home the W, they've had a tough run, and I'm sure it will continue, but hopefully they should have just enough to edge this battle of Europe!

Shane: I'm picking the Penguins to top the Jokers, in a very close matchup.

Will:  Ice Penguins will easily win this matchup for many reasons but I look at the WRs matched up. Ice Penguins boasts a lineup of Marshall, Fitz, Austin and Hawkins while the Jokers are limited to Jacoby Jones, Crabtree, Moore & Hill. I think the edge that the Penguins have in the WRs category will be too much for the Jokers. I also like Big Ben against Cincy. The road team often wins in the Steeler/Bengal matchup and Ben will be throwing Sunday night.

Mike: I think Gert should win fairly easily.

John: Penguins. It will be closer than it should be.

b) On a scale of 1-10, how powerful do you consider these two teams?

Shane:  I'll give the Jokers a 5, and the Penguins a 6.

Mike: I'm not gonna put a number to either but I will say I think Gert is one of the stronger teams in the league right now despite his record and I think Ben has a few holes to address on his team right now.

KC: On the ranking I say both teams are about a 7.

John: Pens 8 - Jokers 4 . The Penguins recent trades have made them a better team.
The jokers have been without a standout RB ( besides Reggie Bush ) all year. They have won games that didn't look close. Very surprising team every week but luck runs out this week.

Kordy: Jan would be a 6 and Ben would be a 4 or 5.

Jeff: I feel Ben is about a 5, and Jan is about a 7. I can surely get by with saying that considering I just beat Jan last week, than helped him get stronger for the rest of the division hahaaha

Dredd: The Jokers seem to have fallen on hard times or come back to Earth so I would rate them only a 5 in their strength while I would rate the Ice Penguins a 7.

Ben:  I'd like to think that people will rank me 5 or less, I like not having the pressure or expectations and then being able to surprise people!

Will: I'd say that the Ice Penguins are a solid 7 on the power meter. They have a lot going for them. Once they get McCoy back for the rest of the year after this BYE week, they should be good to go on a nice run. The Jokers, on the other hand, are about a 3 on the power meter. There is zero depth at the RB position for this team. They also have two mediocre QBs that can shine one week and implode the next. It's hard to make a good decision on who to start each week with that kind of inconsistency.

Gert-Jan: I will not grade myself but I'll give The Jokers a 6.

Rich: Ice Penguins are an 8 (pretty strong). Jokers are a 6 (not so much).

And he adds: btw, the Ghosts are are gonna be Plodding Plowhorses!

Q2: This past week, the league members have spoken about its league's scoring settings. One of those settings that greatly changes the way the coaches research, trade, lineup their players, and in whole, treat their team. That setting would be Keepers and a dynasty league altogether.

So, the question is....
a) Have you begun thinking about which players you will keep and which you will get rid off before our next draft?
b) Is the fact that this is a keeper league affecting your decisions from week to week?

KC: For the most part I already know who is staying and who is going but always looking for that new star to emerge! Some of my bigger trades do I worry about the future everything else is more about helping the team now!

Kordy: Yes, I have but want to go further into the season before making final decisions. Yes, it makes everybody plan for the future.

Jeff: I will evaluate all of that stuff when the year is over, at this point, I have got to focus on getting a win again those Hamlinators. And of course it being a dynasty league affects how any coach makes decisions, You gotta do more than just get a win this week, you gotta focus on getting into the playoffs for years to come, and Sun City will be a year after year competitor.
Well, I sure felt like the mouse when the Prestige buried us, But I had to realize that I already had a win, and was still scoring more than many people in the league, as well as that was only 1 week, I did get 1 loss, but I had to pick my team up and move on. The most important thing is to move on with your team and make the best decisions going forward. Sun City now sits at 4-2 and our future is bright, We gotta 1 of the best quarterbacks under helm and hes already had his bye week, Now when people face us, they gotta prepare for Drew Brees, Its better to have him on our side than against us.

Dredd: It's never too soon to be looking at your players and looking to see who will develop, a key to long term success is to always be planning for this weeks game but also looking at the long term direction of the team. And yes the nature of a keeper/dynasty league does make for different decisions than one would make in a redraft or limited keeper league.

Rich:  I started thinking about who to keep and who to drop before the season started. I make every decision considering the impact it will have for the next 3 or 4 years.

Ben: I have thoughts but who knows what will happen this week, next week, next month. Its a decisions that I will constantly re-evaluate. B) Not really.

Shane: I have already made my list of those I'm planning on keeping, but I still have some spots still available in my keeper list.
B) Not really, I think that's a little too extreme, I'm moreso focused on trying to get the best lineups out their to try and get me the most points.

John: Yes, since the start.  B ). Been trying to hold a certain amount of young players waiting for them to come around. Losing a lot caused me to drop & lose some that I didn't want . searching for every point possible rather then play with an open spot. Didn't work out too well.

Mike: I already know the players I would keep if the season ended today and I don't think too many of them will change unless I get a trade offer I like.
Yeah and I would hope it's affecting everyone else as well, it would be foolish to play as if this was a redraft league

Gert-Jan: I already have a somewhat clear idea of who I will drop before our next draft.
B) Of course, I have some players on my bench who will probably not see the field this year and who are stashes for the next years.

Q3: One thing that is nearly constantly on any Coach's mind is the future. Sure, the present is more important, and you must win one game before you can reach your team's "dream" future, but a good Coach must think of the future. Playoffs. The key to the future. There are always teams that one does not want to play, such as The Q Force; there are always Cat and Mouse games, where it seems the Cat will swallow the mouse whole - sometimes, though, the mouse outsmarts the cat. This is a question requiring honesty.

So, the question is....
a) Has there ever been a game or a moment when you felt like the mouse? How did you handle it, and what was the outcome?

Gert-Jan: This past week I felt a bit like a mouse, losing to Sun City with around 60 pts differential. I guess there's nothing much to do after the game started. But afterwards you have to find out where it went wrong. In my case, my WRs were under performing last week so this week I have Marshall coming out of a bye and the newly acquired Larry Fitzgerald ready to go.

Mike: No, as I always have confidence that the team I've assembled will at least have a chance to pull off a win even if the other team appears superior.

John: Week 1 I was a mouse . Team played ok but ran into 30 point games from RG3 , McFadden & Julio all in the same week & some poor starting decisions cost me 2 games. I sure haven't been a cat.

Shane: Uh...not really. I felt confident going into each matchup so far.

Ben:  I played Q Force and he smoked me.... I played Down Force and I smoked him. Cat/Mouse, Mouse/Cat, thats the fun thing about this game!!!

Rich: My team is so young and unpredictable this season that I have felt like a mouse every week. One must put aside the fears and fly above the chaos and look at the long-term picture.

Dredd: In this league the only game where things looked bleak from the outset was the week 2 matchup with Down Force, but the boys stuck to their guns and rose to the occasion, not only winning but posting the highest total scoring output for the week. It's hard to say which team I don't want to face as so much can happen between now and then.

Jeff: Well I sure felt like the mouse when the Prestige buried us, But I had to realize that I already had a win, and was still scoring more than many people in the league, as well as that was only 1 week, I did get 1 loss, but I had to pick my team up and move on. The most important thing is to move on with your team and make the best decisions going forward. Sun City now sits at 4-2 and our future is bright, We gotta 1 of the best quarterbacks under helm and hes already had his bye week, Now when people face us, they gotta prepare for Drew Brees, Its better to have him on our side than against us.

Kordy: I feel like this team is always a mouse until i turn it around. I'm not sure I'm handling it well but i know what i got to do to turn things around.

KC: There are cat and mouse games every week!

b) Of all teams in the league, which would you not want to face in the playoffs?

Rich: The Ghosts, Rodgers and Nelson can put up 90 points by themselves any week against any team.

Shane: The Q Force, without a doubt. Knowing how my luck has been riding, I'll probably be facing him early, or for all the marbles.

Mike: There's no one i'm afraid to face in the playoffs as I believe I have the best team, but am confident I'll be the top seed entering the playoffs and have the ability to call my shots and there are a few teams I've got in my cross hairs for when the time arrives and they might not be who you think.

KC: My focus is now! playoffs will come later but I adopt the motto of FS and say anyone, anytime, anywhere!!!

Kordy: Prestige seems pretty mean. i already beat the q force but think i would have trouble doing it again until i get my points up.

John: Don't think I'll need to worry about that. Have seen plenty of games where the expected outcome did not happen both good & Bad.

Jeff: I wouldn't want to face the Q Force in the playoffs, I'm hoping hes done and dealt with before the championship.

Jessie: The Shadow Warriors. Their defense is scary, and I've already seen how dangerous the Ponder to Percy Harvin combo is.

Dredd:  I think there are 3 or 4 teams that I would like to avoid but at the same time by the time the playoffs roll around trades and injuries may have served to change the makeup of a team so that they are no longer a threat or conversely they have risen from the middle to be a dominant team .

Ben:  I don't fear anyone. I've proven that on my day I can beat those more fancied then me, and if Lady Luck wants to smile on me, then I'll be sure to take her out somewhere nice!

c) Do you consider yourself a mouse, a cat, or a lorikeet?

Gert-Jan: A cat.

John: None of the above. A horse is a horse of course of course & No one can talk to a horse of course. That is of course unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed

Shane: Uh...a cat. Because I like cats. :3

Jessie: A cat?! This is football we're talking about! I'll say my team is a Saint Bernard when healthy and a German Shepherd when banged up. Both of those dogs would swallow a cat whole in seconds. Don't even get me started on mice....

Ben: Neither..... I consider myself a Joker, and proud of it!

Rich:  I am THE LORIKEET and I poop on all who oppose me. We may not win, but we can certainly poop from on high!

Dredd:  If we have our health when the playoffs start I am confident we can hold our own against any team in the league. As to where we rank? I would say our performances to date do the talking, we are a strong team but have let a couple of games slip through our hands from injuries where others didn't step up , or just by taking an opponent for granted and then not delivering in the clutch. As the season progresses we firmly expect to be feasting on as many of our opponents as possible!

In other words...Meow!

Jeff: I don't think teams should want to face me right now, My team is averaging about 170 points per game and most teams cant compete with that, I expect that point total to increase with Brees under helm. Unfortunately I still feel I am being viewed as the mouse in a lot of situations. Its ok, I don't mind being the one walking in to everybody feeling is gonna lose, Gives us the Us v.s the world Mentality, so to answer the question, I view myself as the Cat, and the world views us as the mouse.

Kordy:  I consider myself a Lorikeet for now.

KC: Right now I consider myself as Frustrated!....my team is way better than the win/loss record shows!

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Re: Interviews Week 7

Awesome interviews once again! The answers get better every week. lol.  Mr. Ed? Jessie considers herself a dog? And, Cordy is a Lorikeet! Welcome to the club! Fly high and poop on their hats!

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Lorikeets 2012 6-8 3rd Place Division 4
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Re: Interviews Week 7

Thanks again Jessie, once more you've done a bang up job coming up with the questions and putting together an entertaining presentation for us to read!


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Re: Interviews Week 7

great job Jess.....another great read!

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Re: Interviews Week 7

Thanks, guys.

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