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12/02/2012 3:19 pm  #1

Interviews Week 13

Q1: We've only got two weeks of interviews left in the regular season, so I'm offering you a chance to ask another owner any questions that have been itching at you. I'll also ask you a few questions that relate to the owners, coaches, GM's rather than the teams and the playoffs.

So the question is....

a) You have one question to ask a fellow owner, what is your question and who is the owner you to whom you would address the question?

Shane: I'd ask Amber; was she expecting her team to go on such a tear like it is right now?
Amber: While I did look for a good year, with having 3 1st round draft picks, a team should go far. But starting 0-3 wasn't all so great haha. I'm happy with how my team is through.

Ben: My question would be to the current #1 seed, Amber, and it would be if you could pick anyone player from the top 8 to face in the first round for the playoof who, and why.
Amber: Well, You'd kinda wanna take the easy teams haha; But I think a good game would be The WildCard again'st Sun City.

Jeff: For my question I would get ask Amber who is currently #1 which team she will choose for the wildcard round of the playoffs.......
Amber: hm...that's a hard question,just like the other, i'd like to pick an easy one,but again we'll just have to wait and see, still got 2 weeks of football left.

Jessie: What is the reason for stacking your bench with defensive players?
KC: 1 backup at DB & LB and as for the DLs just trying to find the right combo that will get me more than 2-5 points each week! That's why I have been trying to trade for at least 1 good DL

Amber: Jeff , why do you go and post The Champ is here? You wasn't a champ last yer,and you're 4th this year so far.
Jeff: as for Amber's I am a fan of John Cena, so I stole his quote.....It has nothing to do with me winning the championship in this league.......I could be in 16th place and still post that......

Dredd: I'd ask Jeff what the rationale was behind several of his most recent trades, temporary insanity, clever double bluff, misdirection intended to confuse his opponents or he has no clue himself?
Jeff:  The answer to Dredds question is in my questionairre for this week.... (see Jeff's answer to Q5a)

John: Jessie - Who exactly is your secret adviser that you consult & have they ever been really terribly wrong with their advice ?
Jessie: My advisor is my dad. Without him, I might be one of those noobs (yes, I said 'noob') that asks Fabiano for advice. Actually, no. I would never do that. And no, he's never given be terrible advice...except for when he told me to start Housler this week over Myers and Rudolph.....

KC: Rich...your team has been much better than expected and with all your 1st rd picks next year what will your expectations be for your team next season?
Rich: The rookie draft is a very hit or miss proposition, mostly miss. If an owner had the first 7 picks in the draft last year, they'd have gotten Luck, Griffin, Richardson, and Martin along with three misses. The coming years draft doesn't have anyone like those first three. If I find one WR and one RB or one QB with my seven picks, I will consider myself fortunate. Between my young players getting better and finding a good rookie or two, I expect to get 8 wins next year, maybe if I am very fortunate 9. What I have not figured out yet is how to get 6 first round picks in 2014! Any ideas?

Rich: For Chris - Dark Matter - Your team's record this year is less than what some people projected. Is it what you expected? What will you be looking for in the coming draft?
Chris: Aye the wins did not add up this year. I could spew about close matches, lame arse kickers, bad personel, etc... but bottom the line is my guys didnt get us the points needed to pull out a good enough run for the Championships. I honostly didnt expect to get to the playoffs this year but was pretty disapointed with some of the close loses I enjoyed this year. Im sure everyone of us can agree that a few more wins change everything. During our next draft id like to improve the teams runningback position and always on the lookout for good receivers. Chandler has yet to impress me so maybe a quality tight end.

b) If you could pick one player from the team directly above you in the overall standings, which player would it be? (e.g. The #7 Prestige would pick a player from #6 Hamlinators)

Ben: It's actually quite an easy question to answer because I made an offer for this player a couple of days ago! Its Pierre Garcon from The Prestige, because I was looking to bolster my WR corp.

Dredd: There is only one that would make any sense and that's Peyton Manning as we are solid at all other positions

Jeff: I am the 4th ranked team, and Mike is 3rd....I would easily take Calvin.

Amber: From Shadow Warriors, I'd say Doug Martin.

Shane:  I'd take Matt Ryan from DOWN FORCE.

KC: RB Shaun Draughn would be the only player I would be interested in from sun city.

James: Julio Jones...I want him back...

John:  It would have to be the MVP of The Captains Colts - RG3

Rich: If I could have one player from another team it would be Trent Richardson.

Jessie: The Colts fan inside of me screams, "REGGIE!" But, I think I'd have to go with a running back and pick Beanie Wells (yeah, I said it.). I'm a hardcore Wells fan  .

Q2: Since we're focusing on the folks calling the shots, I think we'd better focus a little on the team that has had 3 previous owners: The Captain's Colts. Captain's predecessors have proven to be unworthy and unable in the structuring of an unstable team into a stable one. It seemed as though this mysterious squad could do nothing but roll downhill, falling farther away from the pack as each week went by. But we all witnessed something that only recently happened last year when KC came in and took over the rusty Down Force to win nearly all of the team's final games, falling just short of the eighth seed of the playoffs. Captain did just that this year winning his first game as head coach of the Colts. The highlight of Captain's comeback was Janoris Jenkins, DB for the Rams who picked off Ryan Lindley twice, returning both for touchdowns.
The Cap plays Ben and the Jokers this week, hoping to spoil the 49ers chance and hope at a playoff shot.

So the question is....

a) Will Captain finish his season 3-0?

James: I hope so, it will be tough, but I think I can do it!!

Jeff: I believe the Capn will finish 3-0.....It all comes down to this week against the Jokers.......If he can win this one, I believe a win next week wouldn't be too difficult...

Dredd: No, I'm finally a believer in the Jokers and I don't see the Colts getting a win there this week.

Ben: Now I'm in a tough spot! I above everyone else know the value of being the underdog in these matchups and it only takes a couple of bad performances to stop you winning a game, so I'm gonna avoid proclaiming a win or a loss, all I will say is its nice to have an active manager looking after the team, and even nicer he has social skills. I hope its a good match up! I'll be very happy if the Capt goes 2-1 and drops this week!

Amber: He had a shot too.

Shane: The Captain will not finish 3-0.

KC: I think 2-1 is where he ends up this week and it will be threw trades and good draft picks next year but by what he has done the last few games so far I expect the team to be a much bigger challenge next year!

John: I hope not because I play him next week.

Rich: I don't think that he will go 3-0, but maybe 2-1! He's done a good job so far, damn it, I own his first draft pick and was enjoying the plummet.

Jessie: It's definitely possible. I'll be rootin' for my fellow Colts fan, though!

(Captain) How do you plan on turning this team around? What can RZP expect from the Colts next year?

James: Next year, there will definitely be an injection of new talent and blood, I have some high draft picks, so hopefully I can use them to my advantage, and I will be dropping the people who are a liability to my team. This should allow us to make the playoffs within the next two years, that is my goal.

Q3: Ice Penguins @ Down Force. The Ice Penguins must win this week and the next if they want a chance to make the playoffs. The Down Force, on the other hand, could guarantee a spot by winning.
Will hope rise above and win, or will realism crush it under its heel and smear it over the floor?

So the question is....

a) Who wins this matchup?

Jeff: I believe the Down Force wins this matchup.....Jan will be on the outside looking in taking the 9th spot in the league.....or the #1 spot in the toilet league....

Dredd: While I like rooting for a division mate, I simply don't see them winning this week or next week if I have anything to say about it! I expect Down Force to win

Ben: It's really hard to look past KC in this matchup, he's got quality at pretty much every position, and unfortunately Gert seems to have some question marks (albeit minor ones) over a couple of players at this time.

Amber: I think Downforce will this one, his players have better match ups.

Shane: DOWN FORCE keeps up their streak and wins.

KC: Although he has had some nice games I believe my team is more consistent and should win!

James: My money is on Down Force!!

John: The Downforce. Injuries are hurting the Penguins right now.

Rich: I am picking the Penguins, but I don't know why...

Jessie: The Penguins. Let's see the underdog win this one.

Q4: Besides injuries, probably the most interesting aspect of Fantasy Football is finding the sleepers; which rookie will break out on its freshman year? Doug Martin, Chris Givens, or Stephen Hill? Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, or Nick Foles? Coby Fleener or TY Hilton? Vick Ballard or Donald Brown?
These are the competitions we must watch and choose between as the year begins and ends.

So the question is....

a) Who is your Fantasy Football Rookie Player of the Year?

Jeff: I believe its a tie between RG3 and Richardson.......both have had big years.

Jessie: Alfred Morris. Only one guy in this league even thought of picking him up this year -- and that was undrafted. Now look at him. Now that's what you call an FA gem.

Dredd: No question at all, the muscle hamster hands down!

Ben: This is the biggest no brainer out there. Any one who doesn't answer this with two letters and a number has not been watching this season. RG3

Amber:  I don't have any rookies in this league.

Shane: Fantasy ROY is Andrew Luck.

KC: my rookie of the year by fare is LB Luke Kuechly

James: RGIII without a doubt, I have him in another Dynasty League, and he is helping me kill it!!

John: There are quite a few rookies having great years. The Redskins became a much better team with the addition of RG3 & their season would change without him.

Rich:  Alfred Morris - RGIII would have had a much more difficult year without him.

b) Which quiet rookie from this year do you think will break out in their second year? (e.g. Stephen Hill)

Jeff: And I believe Stephen Hill will be the breakout next year of this draft class........but first he needs the Jets to get a decent Quarterback

Dredd: As to a breakout next year? I'll go with Vick Ballard, not just because I think highly of the guy but because he's on my team too though he hasn't been completely quiet in the last few weeks

Ben:  I'm still undecided on this one. As much as Id like to say Stephen Hill, I dropped him a few weeks ago, so Id really like it not to be him! I think Tannehill has a good chance to get stronger next season, and although hes not technically a rookie, keep an eye on a certain QB wearing red and gold in the Bay Area.......

Amber: hm..that's a hard question.. i'm gonna say Stephn Hill,but I think Fleener will do better next year.

Jessie: T.J. Graham. Call me crazy, but I see him stepping up into the role of a starting WR for the struggling Bills. They need a playmaker in the passing game besides Stevie Johnson. He's the guy.

Shane: Breakout rookie will be...gee...I'm not sure.

KC: WR Ryan Broyles has already started to show his potential and will have a big year next season!

James: Russell Wilson, once he gets to know the playbook, I think he will go off!!

John: David Wilson RB NYG

Rich: Josh Gordon - no OTA's so he started way behind the other rookie WR's. He is going to be much better next year. I expect Brian Quick and Michael Floyd to be much better next year also. If Hill has a new QB, he might break out too.

Q5: All playoff teams (yes, even those of the toilet bracket), tell RZP what we should expect from your teams.
There are a few ways you can play this:
1) You can gloat and spew off how your team will go on to win the championship.
2) You can be very humble, saying that everyone's a challenge and the road to victory will not be shallow.
3) You can be the optimist type and say that even if you lose, you'll get revenge next year.
4) You can be the simple coach and say, "may the best team win."

So the question is....

a) What kind of outlook do YOU have, Coach?

Dredd: I actually have a very positive outlook regarding our chances in the playoffs this year. We've had some injuries which have slowed us throughout the season but still have played solid football all year. We look forward to taking advantage of any opening that The Wildcard may give us to seize the division crown and lock up the number one seed. But if we don't get that top seed we aren't worried and believe that any team that would voluntarily choose to meet us in the playoffs will be doing so at their own peril!

Jeff: I believe my team is the 1 team out there that has owners, ummm "scratching their heads" I like this question cause it gives me an opportunity to explain our teams standpoint. Our team went from averaging 180 points per game, down to averaging 140 points per game.......With these scores, It will be pretty difficult to bring home the title.....Now dont get me wrong....we have our spot in the playoffs locked up and we are close to locking up our division, but we figured we needed to get some value out of a few guys while the value is there to get it....Wes Welker likely will be out of New England next year, with him gone his value will drop and we gotta 1st round pick out of him now to lock up a young wide receiver in the rookie draft, We got another 1st round pick out of Lynch, now most have called this a huge mistake, and maybe they are right!.....however not 1 person agreed with my decision to send off Big Ben and Fitz to the Penguins for Brees, now look at the situation....Ben has missed numerous games, and Fitz still hasnt lived up to potential, many weeks getting outscored by Kerley who I also got out of the deal......These deals may be another example of the same thing......The point is.....We still like our chances in the playoffs and wont roll over for any team.......but we also like our 2 first round picks for next year and feel we are getting younger and better to be division champs for years to come.........

Ben: You should all know by now to expect the unexpected and write me off at your peril.
I may not win, but I'll put up a bloody good fight! (Hopefully!!!)

Amber: I'm gonna say 2, every single win in this league is hard earned, no matter who you're going again'st.

Shane:  I'm looking to try and win it all, but I want to win against stiff competition, so I'll remain humble in victory and/or defeat.

KC: All of the above....lol....Because everyone in this league is a challenge but I have faith in my team and expect them to step it up and win!and may the best team win(MINE!)....LOL

James: I can't really brag at all, as I have an absolutely no chance of making the playoffs, but I wish everyone good luck, and you all better look out for next year!!!

John: I always expect my players to play well. I hope as a coach I make better decisions than I did during the season & my players avoid late season injuries that carry over to the beginning of next year.

Rich: I expect my team to continue to improve. I have no idea what the opposition is going to do. May the best team win!

Jessie: All I will say is that I believe that my team can do it. We're starting to shake off the earlier in the year injuries, so I expect to have a fully loaded arsenal of weapons to choose from come the post season. IF we can get there.


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Re: Interviews Week 13

More great stuff Jessie, especially the followup with the coaches questions of other coaches!


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Re: Interviews Week 13

Another good round of questions, Jessie.

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Re: Interviews Week 13

You are getting better at this every week. I think that you might have a bright future as a journalist.

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Re: Interviews Week 13

Great stuff !!

The Captain is here!

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Re: Interviews Week 13

they just get better & better every week.......great job Jess!

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Re: Interviews Week 13

Another great one Jessie!

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Re: Interviews Week 13

Thanks, guys. I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

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Re: Interviews Week 13

Always enjoyable Jessie


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