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12/03/2012 2:59 pm  #1


The trade deadline will be this Thursday night at game time. Trading will be closed until the championship game is over.

The answer to the question never asked is always NO.

12/03/2012 5:39 pm  #2


its nice to know that this was talked about and cleared up..and realy nice to know that all my thoughts and opinions dont matter...very disapointing....I posted several post on both sites and got 0 responces from any owners/LMs.....So here is my ?...according to the pole it says  9 yes 7 no votes.. so what if someone voted yes on the pole thinking it was what it actually asked???but wanted to vote NO for having a trade deadline at all...there is a difference between those 2 questions!......but anyway it would make the vote 8 to 8 right? then what would happen?....
I am not trying to be a ass about the whole thing but it is very upsetting that I have asked these questions for weeks with 0 responces,emails or anything....Everyone  should be 100% crystal clear on every rule we vote on...AND if there not then it needs to be cleared up with those who are not!..............
AND to be 100% clear on my part yes I may not be in favor of a trade deadline...but thats is realy not my point here...I am completly fine one way or the other but if someone needs a understanding on something someone needs to step up and help out on it.Not just ignore them!

continuing with recent events this will proble go with no responce as well!

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12/03/2012 6:07 pm  #3


I'm failing to see your confusion at the original wording(as you seem to be the only one confused).  It was fairly straight forward as it was in response to a DISCUSSION we all had about having a trade deadline to cut off trading for the playoffs.  If you didn't want a trade deadline you would just vote no, if you wanted a trade deadline you would vote yes.  The exact date was up for discussion afterwards based on the results of the vote, no one seemed to have a specific time they wanted so we let it run pretty much until the playoffs.

The answer to the question never asked is always NO.
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12/03/2012 6:09 pm  #4


Trade deadline - YES
Trading NOT allowed during playoffs - YES
Trade deadline before playoffs start - YES

Any questions?

Let's move on to other things!


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