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2/08/2014 12:21 am  #11

Re: Interview, after the 2013 season.

Hi everyone
It was a fantastic end to the season, Go Hawks!
It's true I dont talk to many fellow managers here in the Redzone Perfection.  Its been an absolute crazy out of control year for me in real life.  As I'm sure many of you can relate.
Alive for next season?  are you F.....g kiding?   Of course I will be.  Am I alone thinking that is kind of a lame question or are we comparing how often we communicate to each other?
See you in the summer!


2/08/2014 2:30 am  #12

Re: Interview, after the 2013 season.

I am absolutely sure that our reporter asked several questions of us just to yank our chains and get a reaction. "Isn't Peyton the best?" is a terrific example. Good reporters do that!

Lorikeets 2013 8-6 1st Place Division 4
Lorikeets 2012 6-8 3rd Place Division 4
Does it matter which lemming is the leader?

2/19/2014 12:44 am  #13

Re: Interview, after the 2013 season.

Damn reporters...

thank you for being a "reporter"  would be alot less interesting without.


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